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Does anyone answer the questions honestly here?


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2010-08-18 00:39:47
2010-08-18 00:39:47

Yes. I do, at least. Most of the folks here are honestly striving to answer your questions.

i don't know sorry. i hope they do because I'm asking question for my homework

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Do you honestly expect anyone on here to know? -Charlotte

Anyone can answer questions on WikiAnswers. There are no bots here.

Anyone who has an account.

Anyone can answer questions on this site, so some kids would answer questions here.

People have many questions, and that's why WikiAnswers is here :)

Yes, We are here and working to answer your Questions.

no anyone in the world that can speak English can answer here.

Apart from this, your history shows no questions asked. Possibly you are not submitting them properly

What bra size do you wear how do you like to be touched are you a virgin If not how many time have you done it Do you like anyone here Do you want to do anything with anyone here

Yes, questions can be answered by anyone, whether you have an account or not. We encourage you to share your knowledge here on WikiAnswers!

Anyone can answer questions on, just as here on

On WikiAnswers anyone can answer any question, so long as they answer honestly and correctly.

we dont work here you sighn in to this website and answer questions and sometimes we just guess and anyone can answer questions here 4 year olds can even sighn in.

Yes, I am answering this right now which means I can see it

He may, as anyone may; I wouldn't count on it though.

Members try but that's a relative term and subject to opinion.

Yes, anyone on can ask a question. The site is 100% free and open for everyone to use even if you don't have an account.

you answer them honestly and accurately

All but one of your questions have been answered. Go check them out.

No. Anyone can make an account on here and answer questions freely, but you will receive a notification telling you your account may be suspended if you post anything inappropriate.

There are a number of veterans with Marine experience that answer questions on this board.

"He conducted his business honestly and openly.""The police said that did not answer their questions honestly."(used to stress veracity - "in all honesty")I honestly do not recall any meeting on the subject.

Anyone can answer and/or edit questions here. There are probably thousands of people who contribute to answers, some more frequently than others.

Sorry, but this isn't allowed for anyone to here. But you can keep on asking questions. :)

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