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i am sorry but no one will give you a free dragon amulet account but for a price maybe people not me will give you he is right

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No Your Account does not have to be activated. You can do it whenever you want to.

if you want it, just send me your user and pass, but i swear i will never take your account, but if you dont trust me, then search

if anyone has a club penguin account that they dont want email me at

i really don't know what you're trying to ask, but if you want an account, just make one, if you want a stronger account, you can ask other people who don't play or hack

I do but i am not giving it away Okay user:imaoplolzors pass:magedeathmega

You need to be a guardian in AdventureQuest. Then got to dragonfable homepage and go to guardian verification. Type in your Adventure Quest Username and password and then you type in user name and password for DragonFable account. Then choose character you want to be Guardian. Then the next time you log onto that character u can go to the guardian tower and get guardian armor. You can only use your Guardian account one time. If you want to get another guardian in Dragonfable you have to get another guardian account.

Please do not ask question like these since they break Rules, thankyou.

Nobody is ever going to give you a Guardian account, unless they brought it for you, or someone is quitting. (chances are 1% of that happening)

i will give somene a level 900 acoccnt for a gardian acoccnt

Yes, lots of players have accounts at that level. For a start, I have one.

Unfortunately..No.If you want to have one you need to pay for The DA(Dragon Amulet)You can pay it by cash or from your Battleon Points from your Master Account.

No, but I don't think anyone else will respond because if they don't want the membership they can cancel it and get their money back.

Yes many people have them. You should try tweeting your question, mabey someone will notice.

My friend has one. USER: diek02 PASS gilber02 I USE IT TOO SO DONT HACK IT

u cant if u dont want this account just dont play with it and make a new one if u want

I dont but i want to know how can i

Considering how good Minecraft is I doubt anyone will just give the account away.

i found this one account named artix lvl 981 its awesome user:artix if u want to get the password (i havent gave it to anyone yet though) email me that u want to know the password and i will send it to you. my thanks for reading!

you put the code in the dragonfable website. go log into your account and click the icon enter pin on your account. if you want to thanks me, your welcome! my character id number is: 37209520 my name is Grasper lvl 24! my other character id number is: a mystery that i can't tell but i can tell you guys the lvl. the level is 27! I looked and i dont see any Pin icon.......

username: grumpy1234960 ☻ password: lion5678960 ☻ poptropican name: grumpy lion ☻

you dont have to be a member to get an account i have id say about 12 stardolls and they were all free to make you dont have to pay at all

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