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Desi Daru isn't actually only whiskey, its usually rum but could be any type of liquor depending on what the MASH consists of, sugar cane is the most popular . Usually made just like any other alcohol, distilled and enjoyed.

2011-09-12 22:34:56
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What age did Jack Daniels start making whiskey?

he was two

Is it illegal to Making Whiskey?

certainly not. Otherwise it would not be made.

Why did Johnny Appleseed want to plant apple seeds?

for making apple whiskey

Why did the western farmers use their grains for making whiskey?

they wanted to drink it for themselfs

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What was Northern Ireland famous for making?

ships, clothing, linen, whiskey, aircraft, buses

How is fractional distillation used during the making of whiskey?

Distillation is used to extract ethanol.

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The process of fermentation is generally utilized in making is it whiskey gin wine vodka which one?

Fermentation is always involved in the production of all alcoholic beverage (including whiskey, gin, wine, and vodka).

What ingredients go into making a Whiskey Sour?

The classic recipe for a Whiskey Sour, is as follows: Pour 1.5oz of lemon juice, 1.5oz of whiskey and 0.75oz of sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes and shake vigorously. Strain the liquid into a chilled glass and add a cherry if desired. Then one may drink and enjoy a Whiskey Sour.

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What is stump water?

An old timer from Alabama told me in detail about making "stump water" as he called it. It was moonshine that they literally fermented in an old hollow log. The process also involved manure and corn. My sense of it was that this was a sort of whiskey.

Can Rye Whiskey be made from Annual Ryegrass seeds?

This is not an answer, but is really a question. This is the only space I've sen to write anything. I have been told that Rye Whiskey can be made from Annual Rye grass seeds. I want to try making Rye whiskey and these seeds are less expensive than others I have seen. If it is possible to make Rye whiskey using these seeds, can someone give me a recipe for the job?

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Where to buy rock and rye whiskey?

Mr. Boston or Jacquin's make a rock and rye whiskey that is available at your local liquor or State store. There are several recipes for making your own on the Internet by using a GOOD Rye Whiskey (such as my favorite, Old Overholt) and a mixture of other goodies. These are fun to check out and probably more fun to make.

What is the name for the art of wine-making?

Making wine as a hobby is simply called winemaking, but the science of making wine is called oenology.

Is rye whiskey a bourbon?

Rye versus BourbonNo.Rye whiskey (or whiskey in the U.K.), which is making a bit of a comeback in popularity, is made from rye, the same grain used in rye bread, whereas bourbon is made primarily from corn. I say "primarily" because to be called Bourbon it must be made from a grain mix that contains at least 51 percent corn. Other grains, such as wheat, barley, and rye, are permitted in the mixture. The better sipping bourbons use more corn.