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i doubt people will give you the numbers. or they will give you the used number.

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What is club penguin game card number that is unused?

An unused club penguin card number is 4204-5677-8162-8503.

Does anyone have any unused Club Penguin Gift Card Codes that I could use?

No you don't have unused penguin gift card codes that people would give away for free!

What is a unused club penguin six month membership card?

It is an unused Club Penguin six month membership card...

Does anyone has club penguin gift card number?

You know i am on club penguin! And i dont have a gift card number. Soo...

Does anyone have an unused clubpenguin card number?

do you meen membership code yes i no an unused one its GHJK-PIKL-1ASI

Does anyone have a 6 month membership Club Penguin card certificate code that is unused?

I think as soon as the people buy it the use the code so no one would have one unused.

Does anyone have any unused ClubPenguin gift card codes that you could use?

You can only use the club penguin cards and codes once

Club penguin card-jitsu codes?

You can only use unused ones. I highly doubt anyone will give you one if they have bought the cards.

Can anyone give me an unused club penguin game card or certificate?

Yes. I will tell you the code or anybody else who e-mails me first at matthewngor@yahoo.com

Can i have an unused club penguin member card code?

yes you can here it is: DE233KGFRG

Can anyone tell unused cp membership card number?

Yes! 7654-3673-4653-3453! lol it's fake!

What are some unused codes for a card deck for card jitsu on club penguin?

You have to buy the codes yourself from a local store.

Does anyone have a club penguin membership card code unused that they can give to me please specify membership time such as 1 month one year etc?

It is unlikely for someone to go to a store and buy a club penguin game card, then just put it up online. But you can try looking.

Club penguin free membership card unused?

You can not get one free, unless someone gave you one for free

What is an unused 39 clues card code for card 28?

Honestly, do you think that anyone will be kind enough to give you an unused code? Even if it was really unused, you're gonna use it and that makes the answer totally pointless because nobody can use it anymore.

Can anyone give me a club penguin membership card that has not been used?

yeah it is 123 321 next number is find out after this break

Are there any unused card jitsu codes on club penguin that I can have?

sthu noob,club penguin is for babies if ur a baby i can tell u one but hahahahaha noob

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