Does anyone have statistics on the number of women abused VS the number of men abused?

It depends where you live. I live in Canada and volunteer for the Abused Women's Centre. There are far more women abused than men, but, there are men also that are abused. Men are more often unwilling to come forward on abuse issues directed at them because they fear no one will believe them, well here it is as clear as can be: If a man is brought up by his parents that it's not alright to hit a woman, and he marries a woman who can be on the violent side, then even if she strikes him or throws herself at him in fight, he will back off. I have seen men who have been physically bruised, broken bones and teeth missing not to mention black eyes. Is he chicken? Not at all. He only did one wrong thing ... get out! I am happy to say that there are groups for battered men as well as battered women. Still, women take the worst of it all and there are by far more abused women and children out there. Statistics change drastically from day to day.