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Does anyone know if the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1 turbo diesel is one of the many diesel cars that can run off vegatable oil mixed?



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This will likely void your warrenty. It will certainly reduce the life of some parts. I would look into biodiesel rather than vegetable oil.


You could run it off of vegtable oil by itself but it could lead to long term engin problems. Stick with diesel or go to bio diesel.


Running on straight vegetable oil will void your warranty but won't likely have any negative effects on your engine within a reasonable time frame, people are running over 100,000 miles on grease without problems. Just don't go with a Golden Fuel Systems set up - they're dogs. I'd recommend Greasecar. I can't speak to this specific engine though - it certainly can run on grease - all diesels can I believe - but some take to it better than others, and some have problems handling grease.