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Q: Does anyone know of a Native American symbol for faith?
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What is the Korean symbol for faith?

신앙 is the Korean symbol for faith.

What is the symbol for faith?

The symbol of faith can change from religion to religion as well as person to person. In Christianity, a symbol of faith is the crucifix.

How did the Native American lifes change?

They changed beacuse they became part of the catholic faith

Is the creed called the symbol of faith?

Creed is the symbol of faith according to orthodox church

What is the single Chinese symbol for faith?

if you want the single symbol for faith, it should be 忠 (zhong1)

What is native faith?

Native faith is the oldest religion system in use that to that particular place.

What were the religions of Connecticut in the 1600's?

Probably some sort of native American faith, Like Shamanism

When was Native Faith Association of Ukraine created?

Native Faith Association of Ukraine was created in 1998.

What is the symbol faith of Islam?

No symbol per Islam religion.

What is the symbol of faith of Christianity?

a fish.

What animal represents faith?

A fish is the symbol that represents faith. The symbol of the fish is found on many cars as a representation of being a Christian.

What color is the symbol of purity and faith?


What were large communities used by spanish priest to impose catholic faith and spanish culture upon native American people?


Which Spanish explorer greatly respected and appreciated the Native American world?

Cabeza deVaca, he became a trader and faith healer to the Native Americans, and developed respect and admiration for them. Read his wiki.

When does the native violet bloom?

faith ponce

Why is the Muslim faith symbol what it is?

There is no religious symbol per Islam faith or religion as the cross for Chritians or David star for Jews. Refer to question below.

4 Faith's pink ribbons are an example of a?


Why do the women wear a dot on their forehead?

It is a symbol of their faith

What does a yellow feather symbolize in the Bahai Faith?

This is not a commonly used symbol in the Bahá'í Faith.

What are some of symbols for having faith?

One type of symbol for having faith is the peace sign.

Is faith a common noun?

Yes, the word faith is a common noun; a word for the faith on anyone, a faith of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Faith Hill, American country singer or Faith Ford, American TV actressFaith, SD 57626 or Faith, NC 28041Faith FarmMinistries,Boynton Beach, FL"Faith Like Potatoes" by South African authorAngus Buchan

What faith did Spain spread to the Native Americans?


What is the single Hebrew symbol for 'faith'?

The Hebrew language does not have symbols. It has letters. The Hebrew word for faith is אמונה

What Does A Fish Symbolise?

In Christianity the fish is a symbol of faith and abundance.

What is the Thai symbol for faith?

I think it is nine-pointed star.