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They don't publish averages. I think whether your numbers are good enough to get you in depend on how consonant they are with your entire application and whether you are generally a good fit for the program in relation to other candidates anyway. I think generally a GPA 3.5 and above is good enough to not get you eliminated provided the rest of the application is okay and depending on the competition. Yale doesn't require/care at all about the GRE, and HDS admissions officers have told me that the GRE is a formality (they matter more at some schools, though, like Chicago). I had average numbers (or well below average in the case of my quantitative GRE score, but much higher verbal) but was in at Harvard/Yale/Chicago div schools because I had relevant languages and was a good fit for the programs and shared research interests with key faculty. Don't underestimate fit in an effort to quantify your chances by the numbers.

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Q: Does anyone know the average GPA and GRE scores for mts at Harvard Divinity school and mar at Yale Divinity school?
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