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I have looked at their website. It is unique to the repo industry. One of a kind. So its either the greatest thing since sliced bread OR................ You fill in the blank. It shares a lot of characteristics of a business concept that is better known to the BBB and state Attorneys General. Does it offer any training at all??? Does it offer workmens comp to its employees?? Does it meet the 4 tests the IRS uses to determine if you are really a "subcontractor"? Please let the forum know what you decide.

Yes our company has been working with repoplus for 8 months. Yes they are a real company. Yes they provide training. I am not an employee so I don't know about the workmen's comp insurance but I know they have 2.5 million in general liability and we are very happy to be affiliated with them. If you need any information send an email I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

I have filled all the paperwork and mailed it today...I will let you know if they live up to their end of the bargain!

Does anyone else have any information they can share? I would like to get some more information from someone who has a current or past employment history with Repoplus. Thanks, --Kath

Go to RIPOFFREPORT.COM and type in repo plus in the search engine and you will find a few people have shared some experiences with them...hoped it helps

Repo Plus is a fraud!

And anyone posting here that claims they have made money with this company is ASLO A FRAUD because they will not meet face to face with anyone who wants to verify it!

On another very reliable website I found this.


Claim: Their office is located at 20902 67th Ave NE, Suite 387, Arlington, WA 98223

Fact: The above address is only a mail forwarding business. There is no such "suite" in the building. The owner is MoneySaver Stowaway Storage & Mail Center with a phone of 360-435-3866.

Claim: They conduct business in the State of Washington

Fact: There is no business license and no corporation listed with the Secretary of State in Washington for the name of RepoPlus LLC.

Claim: Their parent corporation is filed in the State of Delaware:

Fact: No corporation is listed in the State of Delaware under RepoPlus LLC

Fact: They are listed in North Carolina, which only gives them the authority to advertise and do business in North Carolina

Claim: The Managing Director is Paul Smith.

Fact: We contacted Paul Smith to offer an endorsement of his business opportunity based on verification of the company and its claims. Two emails from "Paul Smith" were received from Amsterdam, Netherlands and not the USA. Mr. Smith declined to provide us with any information at all, which included the following questions:

1) Where their toll free number of 800-205-6512 terminates at?

2) Verify that RepoPlus LLC is licensed in the State of Washington?

3) Where their company office is located?

Claim: They conduct Surveillance, Fraud Investigations, Repossessions, Arson & Fire Investigation, and other types of investigations.

Fact: RepoPlus LLC has no private investigative license to operate in the State of Washington. Nor do we have any evidence they have a license in any other state where regulated.

Fact: RepoPlus LLC has no repossession license to operate in the State of Washington. Nor do we have any evidence they have a license in any other state where regulated.

CAUTION: Acting as a RepoPlus Agent in your state places direct responsibility and liability upon you when advertising, promoting, or performing any state regulated private investigation assignments or repossession services. Nearly all states require repossession licenses for agents. Nearly all states require a PI License for surveillance and other advertised services that RepoPlus promotes.

Claim: They claim to have 240 agents nationwide, and that each agent has a protected territory to solicit and conduct business on their behalf.

Fact: There is no evidence to support the claim that RepoPlus has 240 agents.

Fact: There are only 100 cities in the USA with a population of 100,000 or more. Therefore, it appears RepoPlus has oversold their major city business opportunities in the protected areas where they continue to promote more protected areas.


There is a Better Business Bureau Report in Raliegh, North Carolina which indicates RepoPlus LLC used to have an office there, under the same contact name of Paul Smith, with the same toll free 800 number that terminates to somewhere unknown.

They advertise for employees. However, the documents received all contain a business opportunity contract at a cost of $450.00

They do not accept business checks, personal checks, or any credit cards. They only accept cashier checks and money orders, which can be cashed anywhere in the world, including Amsterdam where Paul Smith's emails come from.

The four (4) contracts applicants are required to sign are authored in a manner to protect RepoPlus LLC from any criminal complaint pertaining to promising employment and income to an agent. The agent applicant, at his/her own expense, is required to establish a business name and business tax identification number before RepoPlus LLC will accept the $450.00 fee. Business to Business Agreements generally do not fall into the category of a criminal complaint as long as both parties sign. Therefore, the Business Agreement should be read very carefully as it spells out RepoPlus LLC duties of collecting a percentage on every case handled by the agent, with no guarantees of how many cases (if any) RepoPlus LLC will provide the agent. Further, their money back refund of the $450.00 is only available if the agent performs ten cases. We have no evidence that anyone has received their refund.

CAUTION: One of RepoPlus LLC requirements is gathering personal identification of the applicant when the fee is mailed in. It includes the applicant's driver's license, social security number, date of birth, and last seven years of residency.

1) All of the above information may be delivered to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2) All of the above information is necessary to access a credit report.

3) All of the above information can lead to identity theft.

RepoPlus LLC requires a Bond Disclosure. However, there is no evidence of any bonding company issuing bonds to RepoPlus LLC for it's agents.


We cannot recommend this company based on the refusal of Paul Smith refuses to allow anyone to meet with any employee at any office in the USA and refuses to participate in verifying any item of the above; and based on the fact that no one to our knowledge has ever met Paul Smith; and based on Paul Smith's procedure of requiring his agent applicants to blindly mail in their $450 payment to a mail forwarding address without the benefit of the applicant meeting anyone at their office (wherever that may be); and based on the fact we cannot find any authorization that RepoPlus LLC can conduct business lawfully in the State of Washington; and based on the fact that RepoPlus LLC is clearly advertising services that only a licensed private investigative business in the State of Washington has the right to do; and based on the lack of evidence that their toll free number terminates in the USA when the evidence suggests it terminates in Europe; and based on the lack of evidence that there really is a commercial office where potential applicants can present their $450 fee to RepoPlus in person; and based on the company's requirement of providing personal identification to be potentially given to those in Europe where the major news organizations have reported widespread identity theft rings -


Quote: Company is registered in the State of North Carolina - SOS #0698483

Registered Agent: Paul Smith

Registered Office Mailing Address: 3125 Poplarwood Cr. Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27604 (corporate address is another mail drop facility)

Registered Office Street Address: 3125 Poplarwood Cr. Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27604

Principal Office telephone Number: (309) 397-0902

Principal Office Mailing Address: 3125 Poplarwood Cr. Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27604

Principal Office Street Address: 3125 Poplarwood Cr. Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27604

An Internet reverse phone search for (309) 397-0902, on 01/22/05, gave no record other than it was a cellphone in Peoria, IL with service provided by Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon. A call to the number had a voicemail identified as a Cindy Tanner. A call to Ms. Tanner indicated this number is a personal cell.

A search on the address revealed several businesses at the address, none of which were listed as Repoplus LLC. Several phone calls to current businesses at the main address revealed the building was run by a Highwoods ing Service (919) 827-4468. A phone call to Highwoods ing Service revealed #116 is a mailbox maintained at that location.

A whois internet search revealed the following:

Registrant: Midnight Incorporated

Address: 3125 Poplarwood Ct Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27604 US

First Registered: October 15, 2003

Last Updated: October 15, 2003

Administrative Contact: Smith, Paul 3125 Poplarwood Ct Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27604 US 919 877 5726 (This number is answered as Repoplus)

Technical Contact: Corporation, Infinology 270 Storke Rd Suite 10 Goleta, CA 93117 US 800-471-5391


Information Source: OpenSRS

All the above was obtained from public access websites on or about 01/22/05.

Also, The RepoPlus phone numbers appear to be "spoofed" and may be coming from a company called "J2 Connect" out of California

You can talk to a phony name on the phone when they CALL YOU. They use something called a spoof phone. But you NEVER MEET ANYONE TO VERIFY anything. And no PI License in ANY State and NO Repo license in ANY state.

They have been reported to Homeland Security because one of their contracts requires your SS and Drivers License and Date of Birth!


I just mailed off my contract to be come a skip tracer for them Then I found this forum. Can anyone tell me or give me more information on the Repo Plus. I would like to know if it is a scam before I go any further or if I'm looking into a good job relationship. Would Like to talk to individuals already working with them or companys that have dealt with them. Please e-mail me at or

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Q: Does anyone on know anything about or had experience dealing with a company called Repo Plus out of Raleigh NC?
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