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Does anyone own a LG Shine mobile phone and want to share their opinion?

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2011-09-12 22:38:36

yer i own a lg shine ke970, only got it yeaterday and so far so

good apart from the little problem i had with getting the micro sd

card to work, i took the sd card from my old mobile which was a

Motorola v3i and put it straight into the shine but it would not

read any of it! so after some research online i managed to get a

answer and all i had to do was format the card easy as that

and now its working fine!...the mp3 player sounds really good with

headphones on, the good thing is you can use your own

headphones!...has a good clear camera and the video ain't to bad

either, my only concern is i think it may scratch easy so id better

be carefull with it, great phone for a woman like myself as the

mirror comes in very handy!...i would recomend this phone as its so

easy to use and the design is stunning!

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