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From the son of Hot Dog Annie: 09/20/08

My mom, the infamous Hot Dog Annie, was indeed from New York, but was never a stripper. She was born and raised in the Bronx and moved to Hollywood, Ca. in 1935. She wanted to be an actress, and came to L.A. to pursue her career. Anne West moved to Waikiki in 1961 and started working as a waitress at a diner on Kalakau. She had owned hot dog stands in L.A. at different periods in her life, and decided to open up her own stand featuring Chili Dogs like Pinks on LaBrea in Hollywood. She was never a stripper, but was never high class either. Her vocabulary was filled with four letter words and she never hesitated to use all of them in the same sentence. The stand was at KauKau corner next to a strip joint called Forbidden City. It was a "shemale" cabaret club that was open til 3am. She stayed open til 4 or 5 am to take advantage of "all the drunks" who came out of the bars at 2am and cabarets at 3am and were hungry for something other that SaiMin or Sushi. Her favorite customers were the celebs who came to the island to entertain. They would finish up their gigs and come to Annies at 2 or three in the morning for a late night chili dog and to be entertained by her. She would strum her Uke and sing dirty ditties and tell dirty jokes and lift her Mumu and show her p...y. She ran the stand for over 10 years until she developed back pain from injuries in an auto accident. She was such a bad driver that she was always smashing up her VW bug with "Hot Dog Annie" painted on the sides.

I brought her back to L.A. when she was too ill to take care of herself. She died in 1975. The Honolulu Star Bulletin probably has tons of archived articles on her because she was a character and celebrity in her own right.

Hot Dog Annie in HawaiiI was stationed in Hawaii (Marine Corps pilot) from '68 - '71 and lived in the Waikiki area. Often we wild guys would venture by her stand in the evening. Her place was along the canal as I recall, on the street behind the International Market Place; probably no larger than 12' x 16'.

She was a real hoot, wore gigantic horn rimmed glasses and swore a blue streak.

I don't believe she even opened until nine or so and would stay open until well after midnight.

Story was that she had been a stripper years before and was from New York or so. At least she sure had the accent. There was a picture of her in her younger days in the background along with several sex toys on display.

It was funny to watch tourists drop by and order something. Whatever they ordered more often than not she would shove something different in front of them, saying, "Here's your f=====g burger, or whatever.

She could make a sailor blush, and was probably around 50 at the time - still with a great body.

Pro Wrestling was big in Honolulu at that time. You would often see wrestlers there late in the evening after matches as well as several pictures of them on the wall.

I'm told the place was destroyed by fire. Never did hear what happened to her.

A true character.

You bet I do, I was an 18 year old Canadian girl from the Interior of British Columbia who just happened to land in Hawaii on December 24th 1969. I met Hot Dog Annie on New Years Eve with my then boyfriend Dennis Cook and his employers Herb and Micky Rosin and other friends. They had decided we would spend the hours leading up to New Years at Forbidden City. As we walked across the street a tiny woman dressed in a beautiful but totally risque gown came across to meet us. i have never heard language like that before and I was mesermized but Hot Dog Annie. Inside I was treated to the most X rated strip show I had ever seen but it was Hot Dog Annie who has always stuck with me. I have told many people about Hot Dog Annie and I am sure not one person ever beleived me. Maybe Annie will always be my secret. She truly was one in a trillion. From her sons post it seems that Annie died only a couple of years after I met her. One of lifes moments for sure.

Of course I remember Hot Dog Annie! I was 12, just short of my 13th birthday when I met her in Nov. 1971. My older brother (19 years older) Jim Whitney and his pals Fred James, and Hippie Lee, used to hang out there at the hot dog stand with the rest of the hippie jack-intelligentsia talking to all hours of the early morning and bantering with Annie. Her stand was across the street and a door or two more past Coco's Restaurant on Kalakaua. She drove this great little Datsun 1600 convertible sports number. The first time I went to her stand, I thought wow! This disgusting old lady is the most colorful, hilarious thing I've ever met. She gave us ride toward home down Kalakaua to Ainahou Street, just around the corner from the Ambassador Hotel, off Kuamoo St. on Kuhio. I sat in the back on the trunk area thinking, "woohoo! what a ride!" She claimed to have been "Jerry Lewis' personal secretary for over 40 years." True? I don't know. But who could prove her wrong then? I last saw her at a phone sales boiler room on Royal Ave. x the old Woolworth's, where I sold phone ads at 15-16 years old for Pop Warner Football and the Police Athletic League. I worked at the infamous Victor Bloom Agency, for a not-all-together straight-up guy name of Bill DeMellow whose motto was "We don't lie, we just pitch 'em a curve." I walked out of one of the boiler rooms one morning to see Annie and Bill verbally jousting with each other. She was sitting on the reception counter wearing a big grey afro wig (she wore a lot of these, blue, rainbow, pink, etc. and big loud glasses - this was her trademark). She looks at Bill and cackles' (about the wig) "Of course it's natural!" At the same time, lifts her skirt and proceeds to pull down the front of her underwear! "Wanna see?!" This was in late '74 or early '75. Her hot dog stand had burned down in '72 not long after I first moved to Honolulu as kid in late '71. Arson was rumored as the cause - someone did it out of vindictiveness, or she did it for insurance (which I seriously doubt - she was a bit of celebrity with no need to) and so the rumors flew. It was never rebuilt. I saw her a number of times after that - brief moments of chitchat, "how's your brother," blah, blah. Never saw her after she showed at the "agency" and got in on that enchanting conversation about whether her short hairs were naturally grey. Would love to have seen her pull off that stunt with her rainbow wig! Rest in peace, Annie. You were something else - the real deal! I'm sure that you'd make much of my having 'googled you' tonight - me, now, at age 56, googling up old memories of childhood in Waikiki! Love you, Annie!

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YES, was a fun place and great hot dog

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Q: Does anyone remember Hot Dog Annie in Hawaii?
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