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yes indeed apple wood does come from apple trees

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What tree does an apple come from?

A apple tree

Is there wood in an apple tree log?


What plant does an apple come from?

the apple tree.

What is applewood?

Applewood is wood from any apple tree.

If there is 3 oranges on the ground under an apple tree how many oranges came from the apple tree?

Oranges don't come from an apple tree.

What is scientific name of wood apple tree?

malus domestica

What kind of leaves come off a crab apple tree?

Crab apple tree leaves.

Were are apples come from?

An apple tree.

What plant do apples come from?

They come from an apple tree not a plant.

What part of the apple tree does the apple come from?

The apple fruit comes from where the tree bears fruit, the top of the tree it is formed when the flowers close up and ripen. Then they form the fruit.

Is an apple seed a fractal of an apple tree?

No.add And interestingly enough, apple seeds seldom breed true to the parent. If you find a desirable 'sport' on your apple tree, it may be propagated from the wood of that twig, not the seed.

What flower does the apple come from?

It doesn't come from a flower, it comes from a tree.

What tree does Brazilian Cherry wood come from?

it comes from Brazilian cherry tree

What tipe of wood does the hamster gnaw?

An apple tree branch is best but you can get pieces of wood for about 3 dollars at the pet store.

Does apple come from the flower?

well it doesn't come from a plant it comes from a tree.

Where does yew-wood come from?

The Yew tree

Where area does dimensional wood come from?

dimensional tree?

What is that poem about girls that forms an apple tree?

type in ''Apple poem girls'' and it will come up.

What part of the plant does applesauce come from?

Apple sauce is made from apples, the fruit of the apple tree

Where and when do apple tree come from?

Johnnie Appleseed did it! See the movie

Is the wood of a Thundercloud plum tree hardwood and able to be used for smoking meat in a smoker?

Fruit wood is good smoking wood, especially apple and plum.

What do you think is the lesson of the fable of the apple tree wood table at the conclusion of Walden?

The lesson at the conclusion of "Walden" with the fable of the apple tree wood table is that each of us has the potential to grow into our true selves, or that in each of us in the real us that can rise to the surface.

What tree does cherry wood come from?

True cherry wood comes from a cherry tree. One has to be very careful when purchasing cherry wood as many different types of wood can be stained to appear like cherry wood.

Why does an apple tree grow an apple?

because it is an apple tree

What kind of apple that is not in apple tree?

the apple that is not on an apple tree is the yellow apple. A yellow apple is a real apple, so it grows on an apple tree. A "road apple" is not a real apple. A "road apple" is horse dung.