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Yes, it certainly can.


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There are no guarantees it works, you are just lucky if it does. It's not the castor oil starting the contractions, it's the diarrhea and cramps it causes with a irritated belly that does it. So you can very well end up with diarrhea and nothing else or going into labor and have diarrhea at the same time.

The midwife will tell you. Only use Castor oil if they tell you to. It gives you diarrhea and it also gives the baby diarrhea so it can end badly.

A doctor will never tell you to drink Castor Oil. There are no studies that show Castor Oil will induce labor or help your baby flip from the breech position.

No. If only 35 weeks pregnant, your cervix will not be ripened enough to allow true labor to begin. Will cause you lots of diarrhea and cramps, possibly back pain as well. Castor oil is know to work best after 37 weeks gestation and a ripened cervix.

yes, castor oil on scrambled eggs will help to induce labor. (I know because my Mom was overdue & she tried it and it worked !!! )

It MAY induce your labor.. old wives tale. I have never heard of anyone that it actually worked on but it WILL give you severe diarrhea! I would not try this one. Walking is the best thing to speed up your labor.

Castor oil is a laxative and can cause cramping that can induce labor. Castor oil is not advised to be used by pregnant women.

Castor oil is said to help induce labor. It's a laxative, so it helps to stimulate the digestive system and bowels, which can supposedly help labor.

While castor oil can technically induce labor, it isn't recommended. Castor oil can cause dehydration and other unpleasant side effects, such as nausea and vomiting.

Drinking vinegar to induce labor is an old wives tale and will not work. It is not recommended to try to induce labor by any methods.

Castor oil can not be used for abortion. It can induce pregnancy when you have gone past week 40 but then always under control so the fetus does not defecate in the womb. If you try this you would get diarrhea and that's it. See a doctor abort a surgical abortion.

You should not try to induce labor on your own before 40 weeks or without the assistance of a trained professional. Castor oil will not really induce labor- that's an old wives tale. It will however act as a laxative

Well, it may have other effects instead, since it will make your stools looser. There is not really evidence that castor oil will induce labor, unless coincidentally, the baby is ready to come.

A castor oil induction consists of taking castor oil orally with the intent to induce labor naturally within the next 24-48 hours. This type of technique is quite popular among overdue pregnant women, who want to avoid medical induction with drugs like pitocin. Castor oil induction is not recommended because it can put the baby at risk and the mother may develop serious vomiting and diarrhea as a result.

Castor oil induction is NOT recommend if you are not past your due date. There is must debate about if castor oil works, it is primarily a laxitive so be ready for diarrhea and nausea if you use caster oil. It works for some and doesn't for others. Generally premature induction is NOT a good idea unless thesigns health risk to mother or child.

No, it just gives you cramps and diarrhoea

You should not induce labor. Only a qualified obstetrician is knowledgeable enough to be the one that jumpstarts the process. If your body isn't already in labour, there is a reason for this, probably because it isn't ready. Please don't take this into your own hands. Castor oil often just causes vomiting and diarrhea, which isn't something you want during labour. It is also proven not to be effective at inducing labour.

Castor oil generally doesn't work. It often just gives you diarrohea

You should not take Castor oil in pregnancy. It increases the peristalsis and may induce the labour pains (delivery pains) in late pregnancy.

It most likely will not. You do not need to induce labor before 40 weeks without a sound, medical reason. If the baby were to arrive early on its own, that is a different matter, but trying to induce labor before the baby is ready or "fully cooked" could have dire consequences on the baby and possibly the mother's health as well. I know it's miserable being 9 months pregnant, but it's best to let nature do its own thing, our bodies know more about this than we do. Besides, castor oil doesn't always work and you will end up dehydrated because castor oil WILL induce vomitting, diarrhea, nausea, and intestinal cramping. Sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it? Especially when you're still pregnant at the end of it.

Well if the bunny has diarrhea than it could possibly morph into a diarrhea shooting monster. You should keep from feeding it beans, which induce diarrhea.

Castor oil is very commonly used to induce the labor pains in post dated pregnancy. Castor oil stimulates the peristalsis and stimulates the uterus. It is a common experience to see the patient coming with labor pains very next day.

There are millions of ways to induce labor. You can try walking, drinking teas and having sex.

Castor Oil will only make you have explosive diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Your baby will come when it is ready. Make sure you are getting enough rest and stay hydrated. I started taking short walks near the end of my pregnancy--not sure if it helped the baby come earlier by a few days, but it helped the wait.

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