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Does avseq supports audio video?

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Why can a DVD hold more then a CD?

normally they put more space on a dvd because it supports video w/ audio while a cd is audio only

What purpose does a video lan player serve?

The following are some purposes of a video lan player or VLC; a media player that supports audio and video compression methods, can read many formats such as container formats and video formats, and it can transcode or stream audio and video into several formats.

Does the asus a7n8x-x m-board have onboard video?

No, it has onboard LAN and 6 channel audio and supports 8x AGP but has no onboard video

What are the uses of a MP5?

MP3- audio MP4- audio and video MP5- audio, video

What is difference between audio and video?

Audio is what you hear, video is what you see.

How do you change the audio track in a movie?

To change the audio in the Audio/Music track, simply delete it and put something else in its place. To change the audio of a video in the video track, first Mute the audio of the video. Then place alternate audio in the Audio/Music track.

How do you make a video just audio?

In AVS Video Editor, you can extract the audio.

What is Audio video production?

Its creating basically video or film with sound (audio = sound, video = visual)

How do you remove audio from video to keep the video using vlc?

The way to remove the video from the audio (and only retain the audio) is by dragging the video clip to the MUSIC/AUDIO track in the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker instead of the Video track.

Power video to audio converter registration key?

Power Video to Audio Converter

No thats just for converting Audio not Video?

No thats just for converting Audio not Video

How do you remove video from audio to keep the audio?

The way to remove the video from the audio (and only retain the audio) is by dragging the video clip to the MUSIC/AUDIOtrack in the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker instead of the Video track.Once you have the audio there, publish/finish it. That will change the video to an 'audio' format (in this case a .wma).

What is the need for hdmi?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data in a single cable. HDMI supports, on a single cable, any video format including standard, enhanced, and high-definition video along with up to 8 channels of digital audio. ~abejschwartz

What is the definition of audiovisuals?

Audio-visual is a video having video as well as audio. Movies are example of some audio visual technology.

What is the mean of AVI?

AVI is a video format (Audio Video Interleave). AVI files contain video and audio data.

How can you overlay a video file and two separate audio files using windows movie maker?

There is only one audio track to work with in Windows Movie Maker. The only other audio track is connected to the Video Track (the video's audio).Therefore, you can only have one video (with audio) in the Video Track and one audio/music insertion in the Music/Audio Track.

What is a video converter that supports sfl files?

I think imelfin video convertor is a good choice for you, it can convert any medias to video or audio, even DRM protected medias. You just need to search"imelfin video convertor "in Google Search engine.Good luck to you.

What is a coaxial jack used for?

It can be video, audio but mainly its video and audio together. Found on Wikipedia

What type of file format supports the windows media center?

Audio format: mp3,wma,wav Video format: avi,mpeg-1,mpeg-2

What is two metasites files you can use to locate audio or video?

metasites and locating audio and video files.

What is audio and video transmission?

Audio transmission is the broadcast of sound, video transmission is the broadcast of motion pictures.

Why is audio and video suppressing the habit of newspaper reading?

Audio and video is faster and easier to read and navigate.

How are Audio/Video coupons redeemed?

If you want to redeem Audio/ Video coupons, try redeeming them on iTunes on your own computer. You can redeem audio/video coupons on Barnes & Noble website online or in stores. Some Audio/Video coupons available are from BestBuy, Shopathome, and

How do you separate audio from video?

In Windows Movie Maker, you can separate the video and audio by following these instructions:> Import your video into Windows Movie Maker> Change to Time-line view> Click the + button beside the Video track> Click, hold and drag the audio track down into the Audio/Music track below itNow you will be able to work with the audio and video tracks separately.

What does a HDMI audio and video cable do?

HDMI is a type of video interface developed to carry high definition video signals. Additionally, HDMI will support standard definition video and carries audio as part of the signal. The cable provides a convenient method of carrying video, audio and control signals between devices without the need to use multiple wires. HDMI is also compatible with DVI, a video display interface for computer displays. Unlike HDMI, DVI does not handle audio so the compatibility is limited to video only. HDMI supports an encoding system known as HDCP. The encoding is designed to prevent unauthorized copying of video content and increasingly commercial content is using the protection system.