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i am not sure

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Q: Does baking soda affect diamonds rings?
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Does the amount baking soda affect the balloon?

Yes, the amount of baking soda used in a baking soda and vinegar reaction will affect the size and rate of gas production, which will, in turn, affect how much the balloon inflates. Increasing the amount of baking soda will generate more gas and result in a larger balloon inflation, while using less baking soda will lead to a smaller balloon inflation.

What does baking soda do to tap water?

well baking soda does not affect tap water but it does affect frozen or bolied water

Does the amount of baking soda affect the height of the rocket?

I think if you change the baking soda the rocket will explode higher

Does omitting salt baking soda and vanilla affect the taste of a chocolate chip cookie?

The vanilla might slightly affect the taste, but the baking soda and salt will affect the outcome of the cookies.

Does baking soda affect the temperature of water?

Baking soda does not directly affect the temperature of water. However, when added to water during cooking or baking, it can create a chemical reaction that releases gas, causing the liquid to bubble and potentially affect the cooking process.

Will baking soda help cookies rise?

Baking soda helps cookies rise by producing carbon dioxide when it reacts with an acid ingredient, such as brown sugar, buttermilk, or yogurt. This reaction creates air bubbles in the dough, which expands during baking, causing the cookies to rise and become lighter and more tender.

How does baking soda affect the molding time of bread?

It dont.

Science fair project - how does baking soda affect the temperature of water?

When baking soda is added to water, it undergoes a chemical reaction that absorbs heat from the water and causes the temperature to decrease. This reaction is endothermic, meaning it requires energy in the form of heat to occur, resulting in a cooling effect on the water. You can measure the temperature change before and after adding baking soda to observe its impact.

Does baking soda washing your hair affect recent coloring?


Why is baking soda used to neutralize an acid spill?

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is used to neutralize acid spills because it is a basic compound. When baking soda reacts with an acid, it forms water and carbon dioxide, which helps to neutralize the acidic properties of the spill. This reaction helps to minimize the corrosive effects of the acid and make it safer to clean up.

Are baking soda and eating soda same?

Baking soda and eating soda are not the same. Baking soda is an ingredient that is found in baking recipes.

Is baking soda magnetic?

is baking soda magnetic