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Does bamboo produce sperm?

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plants do not produce sperm, they produce pollen

2007-08-25 11:54:47
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What foods produce sperm?

Food does not produce sperm.

How 2 produce sperm?

Masturbate to produce sperm.

How do 13 year old's produce sperm?

Their testicles produce the sperm. If they have begun puberty they will shortly produce sperm.

What is the function of the testes in a frog?

To produce spermthe function of the testes in a frog is to produce sprem.. to produce spermProduction of sperms .to produce sperm

At what age for a female do you produce sperm?

females do not produce sperm

Where does womens sperm come from?

Women do not produce sperm ! Women produce eggs - which are developed in their ovaries !

How can you produce sperm?

You can produce sperm in your semen once puberty has begun. Before puberty begins you will not be able to produce semen. The testes will produce the sperm when the secondary sexual characteristics are ready.

How many sperm do starfish produce?

All animals produce about the same amount of sperm.

Does only one testicle produce sperm?

If both are healthy, then both will produce sperm.

how old do you have to be to produce real sperm?

69 Years old....

Can a 12 year old girl produce sperm?

No. Only males produce sperm.

If 8 yr old boy can get erect can he produce sperm?

no he cannot produce sperm he usually cant produce sperm until he has hit puberty and does cumshots with his friends

Can you produce sperm at 13?

Yes a thirteen year old can produce sperm, most thirteen year old boys and even younger than that produce sperm.

How do you make bamboo stronger?

If you are a male then you are in luck. Male reproductive cells (Sperm) have a special chemical inside which can strengthen many plant material and also help it in growth. Just pour some sperm on the bamboo and lay it in some cold water for about 4-6 hours and the sperm should automatically bond in with the bamboo. If you are a female, you can go to a sperm bank and buy a cheap sample as well.

What plant is used to produce texiles?


The what produce the sperm cells?

The testicles produce sperm adn testosterone, which helps to make you mature

Which part of a plant produces sperm?

Plants don't produce sperm. Plants produce pollen.

When does a man produce sperm the best?

I think in age 35 every man PRODUCE SPERM THE BEST. = = I think in age 35 every man PRODUCE SPERM THE BEST. = =

How are guys not able to produce sperm?

If the male has had a vasectomy, he is likely to not produce sperm. A second visit after the procedure is a good idea to verify that there are no sperm.

You are 13 and how do you know if you have sperm?

Your testicles produce sperm when you start puberty. I f you have had any wet dreams, then you have definitely started to produce sperm.

Whart is the site of sperm maturation and storage?

Its the wonderful thing known as the testicles. The testicles produce sperm and store sperm.Actually, the testicles only produce sperm, they do not store it. Sperm is stored in the epididymis.

What age can a male labrador produce viable sperm?

They can produce viable sperm as young as 4 months.

How much sperm do blue whales produce?

Blue whales can produce over 40 gallons of sperm .

Does drinking milk produce more sperm?

It can as it is a liquid, drinking any liquid will produce more sperm.

What is the main function of the seminiferous tubules?

The main function of the seminiferous tubules are to produce sperm.