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No, being vegan does not cause problems with the sun.

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Sun chips Original are not vegan. They have the ingredient SUGAR. This is not vegan

global warming, this is caused by co2 (carbon dioxide) being released into the air and trapping the heat from the sun.

The biggest risk if being vegan - is the issues of not receiving enough B12. Look for foods containing B12, such as nutritional yeast, or take a supplement. Also, if you can't spend time in the sun, supplement with vitamin D.

Yes it is possible to get cancer by being in to sun . Excessive exposure to sun can cause many harmful effects. And being exposed to sun for too long can also cause cancer.

skin cancer is damages you skin

The ozone layer screens the harmful ultraviolet radiations from sun. These are radiations of high frequency and can cause various fatal problems.

a nucular bomb being chuked at it

My wife's dog, Bea, was just diagnosed with a pre-cancerous tumor on her abdomen caused by lying in the sun. There are other problems.

They can cause problems for the kelp by sticking to it and feeding off there energy source. Also by not letting go and causing the kelp to sink to the bottom and not get the sun light it needs.

No- but being out in the sun with unprotected skin can. Get out the sunblock.

The sun can burn your skin and in some cases cause skin cancer.(from being burned many times)

It can cause breathing problems in plants and animals. It may cause diseases. It is likely to reduce the intensity of some of the rays from the Sun. Heavy pollution may even cause semi-darkness.

A lack of light from the sun would cause an immediate cooling effect. For example, a nuclear winter occurs when the cloud of debris blocks the sun.

UV rays will penetrate your skin having an effect which is almost like baking it and kills your skin cells, it can cause sun stroke and may also cause skin cancer in later life

The sun emits harmful ultraviolet or UV radiation. Being overexposed to UV radiation will cause a painful sunburn. Multiple exposures to too much UV light can cause skin cancer.

This is because the sun (being a BIG light) is actually burning your retina (the back part of your eye) which in time may leave you blind or with sight problems

Java was, and is, being developed by Sun Microsystems.Java was, and is, being developed by Sun Microsystems.Java was, and is, being developed by Sun Microsystems.Java was, and is, being developed by Sun Microsystems.

Sun stroke do not particularly cause a certain disease. But it disturbs the normal body's metabolism rate, dehydrates the body and leads to weakness or anemic conditions.

Main cause of skin cancer is the skins over exposure to the sun, especially when being out in the sun a lot without any kind of sun block cream or clothes.

Ultraviolet rays from the Sun cause sunburns.

Sun He has written: 'Some problems about collinearity'

Solar flares cause problems with radio reception. The sun goes through cycles of them. If they get bad enough, we could lose all communications, including GPS and landline phones.

The sun dries up the water puddles and then the water forms clouds. So the sun is the cause of clouds

When getting home after being in the sun all day, your Mom slaps the crap out of you! Then you swell up!

Ozone is useful as it protects us from the harmful radiations of the sun. These are ultraviolet rays which can cause various problems to living organisms.