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yes , Black walnut kills parasites due to its high amount of iodine, jug lone and astringent tannins. It takes time to get rid of the parasites and a daily or alternate day dose of two to four teaspoonfuls of the tincture of black walnut proves to be an effective and safe remedy.. If you feel free, you can go through here:

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Will rubbing alcohol kill parasites?

Will rubbing alcohol kill parasites?

What is the secret to planting tomato by black walnut trees?

I'm a lifelong gardener, and I can answer this for you with assurance: The secret is, DON'T.The juglone naturally released by black walnut roots will kill tomato plants in a matter of days.Never plant tomatoes closer than twice the dripline distance from a black walnut.

Will anti-biotics kill parasites?

No, antibiotics kill bacteria. To kill parasites, you need a parasiticide.

Will your black walnut tree kill a bridal wreath shrub or a hydrangea?

If it does, I would report it as a hate crime.

What leukocyte helps kill parasites?

Eosinophils kill parasites and have a role in allergic reactions.

Will weeds kill hostas?

It is possible that bind weed or other plants could kill hostas. Black walnut trees also will kill hosta or other plants that try to grow near them.

How many parasites does it take a kill a person?

It depends on the type of parasite. Most parasites don't kill you, they don't want to 'kill the hand that feeds them.'

Does alcoholism kill human parasites?

Since enough alcohol can kill a human, I would say it would also kill parasites living in or on human.

Can penicillin cure parasites?

Penicillin cannot kill intestinal parasites or insects.

Can parasites kill you?

Yes. Maleria is a parasitic attack and can kill.

Do snails have disease?

no but they have parasites which kill you

Does liquor kill intestinal parasites?


Do parasites kill their hosts?

If they are successful then they don't.

How do you kill parasites in food?

By freezing or boiling it.

Can worms or parasites kill a dog?


Do most parasites kill their hosts?

No , but usually the parasite depends on the host to live the only time parasites will kill their host is if they switch to another host.Atniw

Can you drink bleach to kill parasites?

Yes. are you kidding? drinking bleach will kill you!

Name pesticide to kill parasites?

What kind of parasite?

Do parasites capture and kill their prey before eating it?


Can ciprofloxacin 500 kill internal parasites worms?

no, its an antibiotic. they only kill bacteria.

Can you drink Borax in small amounts in order to kill parasites?

Go to your doctor and there is specific medications for various parasites.

Which white blood cell has the function to kill parasites?

no it is not or may be

Does ethanol kill parasites like tapeworms and roundworms?


Can Boric Acid be used on human skin to kill parasites?

I don't know if it will kill parasites by itself, but here is a parasite eyewash I found

What are the two parasites that ultraviolet rays are trying to kill?

bacteria and germs