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Does borderlands need xbox live for the xbox 360?


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For you to be able to play the game itself - no.

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there is no such thing as an xbox 360 slim and everyone console xbox makes will need internet connection for xbox live

Of corse you can play there is no need for xbox live in-order to play a game. But if you want to play online, you do need xbox live.

No. You will need to register and buy Xbox live.

No, but you do need Xbox live gold.

for most xbox game to be able to play on your 360 an update needs to be applied to the 360. after the update though there is no need for live

Yes you just need to plug them into your controller and you need xbox live :D

You will need to be live but I think you can be a silver member to do this.

well you never need Live to play Xbox games on the 360. All you need is a hard drive for your Xbox 360

I think you do have to pay for the xbox live, however it will need to be by credit card on the official xbox site. but i do think that the codes are interchangable between original and 360. however you cannot directly use a xbox live 360 code on the original xbox, you will need to redeem it on the xbox 360.

no but xbox live will work on xbox 360 live you said that rong you mean xbox live works on the x box 360

No. Xbox LIVE is merely an extension to the XBOX 360 to play online with people globally, etc. You can play games without online play/ Xbox LIVE.

you need to get the update on Xbox live. Silver or Gold

As long as you have an internet connection, you can get xbox live on a 360 or a slim.

to connect to xbox live you need a router or a modem

Yes. All you need is internet and you a membership to Xbox live.

You can not. Live is for the Xbox 360 and only the Xbox 360

With the Xbox 360 S, there is a built-in wireless card. For the Xbox 360 (older versions), you need to buy a wireless adapter.

Yes xbox live is available for the xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the game console... Xbox Live is the internet gameplay that is used on Xbox 360.

No, original Xbox controllers do not work with the Xbox 360, so any games you download from Xbox Live Marketplace will use the Xbox 360 controller.

xbox 360 xbox 360 XBox 360

No, you do not need the card; getting Xbox Live online works with it too. But, you do need Xbox Live for you to go online, if that's what you were wondering.

to get on xbox live you need: 1. you need a connection between your PC and xbox 360 2. you need high speed internet 3. you need a hard drive for the 360 4. you need to get a membership card. you can buy one at walmart depending on which on you buy depends on how much the card will cost.

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