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Does boys use an apostrophe?


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It depends on how the word 'boys' is used.

If it is a plural noun, then no. The boys chased the dog.

If is is a singular possessive noun, then yes. The boy's dog chased him.

If it is a plural possessive noun, then yes. The boys' dogs chased them.


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The word boys is a common plural noun. It requires no apostrophe.The boys were laughing.If the word boys has a possession or belonging, it needs an apostrophe.The boy's laughter could be heard in the hallway.The guide filled the boys' canteens.

Use apostrophe S for singular nouns that have possession - example "cat's tail." Use a single apostrophe at the end of a plural noun that ends in S - example "Use the boys' room."

Use an apostrophe S to denote possession (and drop the S when the noun is plural). Example: Cat's tail James's son Boys' wands

The word boys is a common plural noun.The boys were loud.If the boys own something, you need an apostrophe.The boys' bikes were stolen.The boys' mothers came to the game.

Those boys' bicycles were stolen outside the store.

Use an apostrophe to signify either a contraction of two words don't = do not or to signify possession cat's tail boys' soccer ball James's son

Because "Boys' " is a plural possessive. "Boy" become plural with the addition of the "-S" and "Boys" becomes possessive with the apostrophe.

you dont use an apostrophe in will not

you do not use an apostrophe in cultures.

If you are talking about possession. e.g the boy's book. If you are simply referring to the plural of boy then there is no apostrophe. e.g. the boys played together after school.

For plural nouns, use an apostrophe s after the existing s.Examples:Don't pull on cats' tails.Those were the boys' tests.I'll take you up to the girls' room.

The simple basic rule is :- For the singular - add 's (apostrophe s): The boy's ball or the ball of the boy.- For plural words ending in s - add ' (apostrophe only): The boys' ball or the ball of the boys. Plural nouns that do not end in S use the apostrophe-s form (e.g. children's).The most common error is to add apostrophe-s to a pronoun to show possession, as in "it's cover". This is wrong, pronouns do not use an apostrophe to show possession.. The correct form is "its cover". Only use it's to mean it is.

You can't use congratulations with an apostrophe.

Possession is shown by use of an apostrophe. A singular noun forms the possessive by adding an apostrophe s ('s) to the end of the word. A plural noun forms the possessive by adding an apostrophe (') after the ending s or adding an apostrophe s ('s) to the end of an irregular plural noun.The singular possessive form is: the boy's team.The plural possessive form is: the boys'team.

It depends. if you are saying "boy's toys", yes, because the boys own something. Although, if you are talking about "the boys were early.", no, because the boys is a simple statement, with no ownership involved.

You use an apostrophe when someone owns something such as "Ben's Car". You also use an apostrophe to shorten something such as "That is beautiful" when you shorten it with an apostrophe it would be " That's beautiful". HOPE I HELPED

One should never use an apostrophe for the word that.One should always use an apostrophe for the word that's, meaning that is.

Yes, the bathroom is for all boys, so the noun is the plural form. The bathroom for the boys is the boys' bathroom.

Always. But if the locker room belongs to only one boy, then it is "the boy's locker room", but if it is (as I suspect) the locker room that belongs to all the boys, then it is "the boys' locker room".The rule is, if the s is there to show that something belongs to something else, you need the apostrophe. If the s is there only to show that there is more than one of something and not that something belongs to something, then never ever use the apostrophe.

no, the only time you would use an apostrophe in when a person's name comes before the word "birthday." For example 1: Mike's birthday 2: their birthdays 3: the boy's birthday (singular) or the boys' birthdays

Same as any other use. Use an apostrophe S to indicate possession.

If it is one boy it would be boy's. If it is boys as a plural, e.g., two boys, it would be boys'.

An apostrophe is used in contraction. Example: you will: you'll

There is not apostrophe in June. But, there would be apostrophe in the following example: June's car was totaled in the accident.

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