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yes celery does grow above ground. you can mound dirt or mulch at the base to get that nice blanched white area at the base


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Celery grows above ground. Hope I helped.

No, celery are stalks that grow above ground. Its relative celeriac is a root that grows underground.

No --- it is grown either from seeds or from the bottom of a stalk and grows above ground.

Celery is grown in the ground; the celery sprouts above the soil.

Yes they grow above the ground.

Parsley is a herb, the roots grow in soil, the stalks and leaves grow above ground, the parts of the plant we used as a herb all grow above ground.

They grow above ground. It is a stem plant.

No. They grow above ground on vines.

They grow above the ground. On a tree. Have a look at Wikipedia.

Mushrooms grow above and below ground and on trees etc. Most of the cultivated edible mushrooms grow above ground; some on trees or logs. Truffles grow underground.

All fruits grow above ground. Only the roots are in the soil.

no it grown above ground (above ground)

A pumpkin grows above the ground. A pumpkin grows above the ground.

well everyone should know that peanuts grow above ground!!!!!! No, because then they know something that wasn't true. Only their leaves grow above ground.

Cabbage grows above ground.

no they grow above ground.

All fruits grow above ground. All the leaf vegetable i.e. spinach lettuce etc. grow above ground. In all cases the roots are underground.

No. They grow underground.

Yes celery grows in the ground.

The fruit of the Capsicum grows above ground.

to my knowledge; yes; they grow underground; but some tubers also grow above the ground in some poor places

Yes, peanuts grow above the ground - unlike potatoes which grow beneath the surface of the soil.

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