Does chlorine clean water

Updated: 9/17/2023
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no it does not. Chlorine kills micro organisms that can harm your health. The filter cleans the water.

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Q: Does chlorine clean water
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How does water clean things?

The tap water has chlorine in it, so if chlorine cleans water it can clean things as well as water.

Does chlorine can clean deep well water?

Yes, chlorine can clean any water when used in the appropriate manner

Effect of chlorine water on diamonds?

The only effect of chlorine water on diamonds would be to clean them.

What is needed to clean and purify water?


Who is chlorine?

Chlorine is not a who it is a 'what'. Cholorine is a chemical put in water to purify it and keep it clean.

How do you kill chlorine in water?

take half the water out,them put in clear clean water,our let the sun kill the chlorine.

Slogans for chlorine?

Chlorine keeps the water clean but turns your fake blonde hair green.

What are some things that contain chlorine?

Pools use chlorine to keep the water clean.

Why is chlorine used to clean water?

Chlorine being a poisonous gas kills microorganisms and bacterias in water supplies

What is the difference between liquid chlorine for pools and for drinking water?

beacause chlorine is a chemical used to clean water

Will i keep the pump running after applying chlorine?

yes, pool water clean chlorine make

Which chemical is added to water in swimming pools to keep the water cleen?

*clean chlorine.