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Not at the recommended level.

If to much is used you may feel sleepy.

Chlorine is very dangerous it leaves the water as chlorine gas which can kill you in high enough doses.

Always ensure proper ventilation with indoor pools.

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Does chlorine make pools more acidic?

It has litle effect on the pools acidity.

How can you make your pool saline and not chlorine?

There is a common misconception that salt water swimming pools are chlorine free. Salt used in pools is "sodium chloride" When the salt water goes thru the generator the chlorine is released.

Is chlorine man made?

No, chlorine is an element, one of the most reactive elements there is. However, we use chlorine in compounds to make the chlorine used in killing bacteria in pools.

Does anyone have a preference for a particular system for no chlorine pools?

SoftSwim from BioGuard is the best system out there for No-Chlorine pools.

What is chlorine used in?

chlorine is used in pools to disinfect them.

Is chlorine used in pools?

Yes. Chlorine is used to prevent the growth of algae. Some pools use salt.

Do you need to replace the pool water when you convert a chlorine pool to salt water?

No, you only need to put in the salt and fit the salt water chlorinator. Salt water pools are chlorine pools they make it electronically by converting the chloride into chlorine in the pool

Why do you use chlorine to clean pools?

You put chlorine in pools, to kill bugs and to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.

Are salt water pools colder than chlorine pools?


What is chlorine mostly used for?


Do all pools have chlorine in them?

no they dont you can buy of the internet chlorine free

What is chlorine used for?

chlorine is used to sanitize pools and to wash clothes

Do saltwater pools attract more snakes than chlorine pools?

Here is the deal. a "salt water pool" IS a chlorine pool. Only difference is, on a chlorine pool u add chlorine. In a salt pool u add salt and a "Salt Generator" turns the sslt into chlorine... so really both pools use chlorine.... Just saves u the trouble of messing with chlorine and chlorine shocks..

Why do you put chlorine in your pools?

Chlorine kills most germs that people carry. In public pools, it is necessary to help stop the spread of diseases. In personal pools, it is a matter of personal preference.

What can chlorine do?

Chlorine can make your pools be better because if you put chlorine in a pool it will make any diseases that people have not be able to be passed aroundin the water. Or if you look on your bleach bottle you will see it contains chlorine in it. But never mix bleach with vinegar because it will mix chlorine gas

How is chlorine used?

it hasn't been found chlorine is used in pools to disinfect them.

Chlorine as a disinfectant?

chlorine disinfects water. eg:swimming pools- it makes them cleaner.

Why is chlorine used in swimming pools?

Chlorine is used in swimming pools for a few reasons. The most common are: 1. Chlorine acts as a mild disinfectant, it makes swimming in the water a more sanitary activity. 2. Chlorine also inhibits the growth of algae. Without chlorine, most pools would be green within a few days.

Do Swimming Pools Just contain water?

No. Swimming Pools contain water with chlorine

What element is used to disinfect swimming pools?

Chlorine is used to disinfect swimming pools.

Why is chlorine in pools?

it keeps the pool clean

The uses of chlorine?

To put in the pools to clean them.

Why do they use chlorine in pools?

To kill bacteria

Does the chlorine in pools kill fleas?


Is used in pools to keep out bacteria?