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not coffee but suger does

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Is a coffee stain a biological stain?

No biohazards are things like blood-and other body fluids, etc.

Does coffee help fight a cold?

No - in fact, it would not be a good idea to drink coffee with a cold. You need fluids more than anything, and caffeine being a diuretic will work to remove fluids from your body rather than add them.

What happens to fluids from a dead body in a sealed casket?

If the body is properly prepared, there are no longer fluids in the body. Instead the mortician prepares the body by draining the fluids and replacing it with

Can HIV be found in all body fluids?

It is in almost all body fluids.

What are the two main body fluids?

Blood and Lymph are the two main body fluids.

Which systems transport fluids in the body?

The cardiovascular and the lymphatic systems transport fluids in your body.

What causes jittery vision?

i think coffee causes and also lack of vitamins in your body. try to do some exercise i think it will help you. drink more fluids

What are examples of fluids?

A fluid is a substance which can flow, so some examples of fluids would be coffee, tap water, and steam.

Is HIV found in most body fluids?

If someone has HIV then it can be found in most body fluids.

What is the study of body fluids?

The study of bodily fluids is Serology.

What impact does peritonitis have on body fluids?

Infection changes the dynamics of body fluids, causing them to seep into tissues and spaces.

What three body fluids contain water?

All body fluids contain water. And most of the "solids" too.

Why Sodium is important for our body?

reatains fluids in your body

What regulates body fluids and temp?

Hormone regulation, fluid intake and kidney function helps regulate body fluids.

What are hypotonic intravenous fluids?

The body fluids shift out of the blood vessels and into the interstitial space. These fluids are used for re-hydration.

What is abstract class in Java?

a abstract class is class which has a abstract method which means a method does not its own body.

How do you use an abstract method?

Abstract method has no body(only declare). To use an abstract method you have to override it .

What is good for diarrhea?

you should drink a lot of clear fluids, like water. no coffee

Drinking coffee or some other caffeine drink will rid the body of alcohol?

Coffee is a diuretic so your kidneys work more, as with alcohol too, that's why you feel thirsty. But alcohol stills need to be burned (transform) by the body. The alcohol in your brain make the kidneys to be uncrontrolable so you eliminate too many fluids.

Can you get staph infection from body fluids?


What is the basis for all body fluids?

water provides the basis for body fluids of all types :) -darlene de la rosa2992

Why does eating salty food cause your body to retain fluids?

because salt can hold fluids more than just the body can.

What mineral is necessary for the regulation of blood and body fluids?

Sodium and potassiumSodium and Potassium are necessary for the regulation of blood and body fluids

How do you get for Hiv?

HIV is found in specific human body fluids. If any of those fluids enter your body, you can become infected with HIV.

How does the hemoglobin-oxyhemoglobin buffer system help maintain the pH of body fluids?

Hemoglobin oxyhemoglobin is one of the main sources of extracellular fluids for the pH of body fluids. It helps with the protein of the body. It is needed for pH levels.