Does coffee help asthma?

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Absolutely YES!! I have had a really bad Asthma problem this morning and I had taken quite enough ventolin but the problem persisted. However, after having a hot strong coffee, my problem almost evaporated! Go onto Google and type in 'coffee asthma' and you will see plenty of evidence to support my experience. You still need medication of course, but coffee is a good back-up. There are a couple of reason why it can help in an mild acute attack

1) Caffeine, is out of class of drugs called methylxanthines, this class has 2 other drugs in it, Theobromine and Theophylline (which has been used a lot over the years to treat asthma).

2)Warmth, will help to relax the bronchial tubes and make it easier to breath.

3)Fluids, asthmatics should drink alot of fluids (water) which helps to keep the lungs moist and helps to thin out the mucus so it is easier to cough up and out. Caffeine is similar to adenosine, and binds to the adenosine receptors of cells, without activating them. This means the adenosine receptors cannot be activated by real adenosine. In the brain, this eventually leads to the release of epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine. Epinephrine and norephineprhine lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure and blood flow to muscles, a decreased blood flow to the skin and inner organs and a release of glucose by the liver, and dilation of the bronchial tubes. There is also a metabolite of Caffeine, called Theophylline, which relaxes smooth muscles, chiefly your bronchioles.

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Q: Does coffee help asthma?
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Is cold coffee bad for asthma?

Coffee has no effect on asthma.A different perspective:As the parent of an asthmatic child, cold coffee can sometimes help reduce the severity of mild to moderate attacks.

Does a frappe help with asthma symptoms?

No. If anything, it would make asthma irritating, due to the caffeine in coffee. A healthier diet would be better for asthma. Ask on!

Does coffee get people with asthma hiper?

no it does not

Can Parrots help asthma?

Can parrots help Asthma?No, parrots can't help asthma. However, chiuauas do!

What are some medication free asthma prevention techniques?

Having some strong coffee will help with asthma, if your having an immediate attack. Other preventable measures are to avoid triggers that start asthma, including staying indoors and wearing masks.

How can you help an asthma attack?

Give that person some warm water. Warm water has fluids. Also try coffee if you have any.

Can you give your 6 pound chihuahua coffee for asthma?

If you want them to die. Coffee is toxic for dogs.

What else does coffee help with or prevent other than liver cancer asthma exercise and depression?

From personal experience and from advice from a professional emergency medicine physician, the caffeine in coffee helps with headaches.

How does coffee work as an aid in asthma?

Actually it is the caffeine in coffee that helps to improve the airway function of an asthmatic. Medical researchers found that the body cannot distinquish between caffeine and Theophylline, a drug commonly prescribed for persons with asthma. However, they caution one should never use caffeine instead of their prescribed medication. Two six-ounce cups of coffee, soda (colas) or tea or two chocolate bars contain enough caffeine to help alleviate asthma symptoms in an emergency situation. Coffee is a weak bronchodilator, and chemically related to the drug theophylline. It's been known for well over 100 years that a few cups of coffee can help during an asthma attack. If you are having severe attacks I would consult your doctor and only follow your doctors care when concerning care for your asthma.

True or false.. chihuahua help people with asthma?

Chihuahua's do help with asthma,

Do kiwis help with asthma?

Yes, Kiwis help with asthma if you eat a couple of them each day.

Prevention for asthma?

Asthma can be treated by asthma puffers, ventolin or medication. Goin to your doctor or the hospital can help by them diagnosing you with asthma and giving you treatment

What are nighttime remedies for asthma?

warm or hot coffee will stop asthma attacks and wheezing, use decaf of course so you can still sleep, if that doesn't work use a d-humidifier with a little lemon juice in the water to help clean out the lungs.

How do you prevent and treat an asthma attack?

You need to find out what triggers the asthma attack and then attack the disease. You may be allergic to something that brings the attack on. Dust mites, pollen, dander from animals, feathers and many other things can affect asthma if you are allergic to them. See a specialist in the field of allergies and asthma. Hope this helps. Another thing that may help (help me sometimes and i read about it online so probably helps others) is try to drink tea or coffee (or something with caffeine) hope it will help you :-)

How do people treat their asthma?

salbutamol inhalers, prednesone (pills or inhaled) which is a steroid, coffee can help some times, some people say smoking pot is helpfull

Does chocolate help asthma?


Someone who has asthma might use an?

An Albuterol Inhaler. To help during Asthma Attacks. Advair or Flovent or other Asthma medications to help Attacks occur less.

What are somethings the doctor will do to help you live with asthma?

the doctor can give u an asthma pump, an asthma machine and pills

What is asthma and how can you get it?

Asthma is a disease affecting the airways that carry air to and from your lungs. There are special drugs that help cure asthma.

Do aprilaire filters help people with asthma?

Yes they help people with asthma because they remove pollutants and allergeans from the air to help them breathe.

Do chihuahua's help with asthma?

These dogs certainly do help people with asthma. My little sister has asthma and my dog certainly helps it doesnt if the person has alergies of dogs it makes there alergies worse.

What do you do when you have asthma?

when you have asthma you will have to use prescription medicines to help with your breathing, i personally take salbutamol.

Can ice help with asthma attacks?


Does Naproxen help asthma?

no not really

How do onions help with asthma?

Eating onions can help with asthma symptoms. Onions contain an anti-inflammatory which can help cut down on airways restricting when an attack occurs.