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Salt content is not affected by temperature. +++++++++Next post by different person++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Yes the salt reading will be off when water temperatures drop below 60

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Q: Does cold weather have any effect on salt readings?
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How does table salt keep wet roads from freezing in cold weather?

how does salt help roads not freeze

How does salt keep wet roads from freezing in the cold weather?

The freezing point of water is lowered because by dissolution salt release heat.

Why is salt and sand used in cold weather on roads?

Salt added to ice or snow reduce the freezing point of water, because heat of dissolution is released.

How fast does a car rust in cold weather?

It isn't cold weather that causes a car to rust, it's the SALT they put on roads and streets to melt ice. I always go to a car wash as soon as the streets have dried up and no longer have salt on them, but if you possibly can, it should be washed off every day.

What is the weather like in salt marsh?

The weather in a salt marsh is beyond my mind.

Introduction about the effect of salt on boiling water?

Salt is known to help induce water to boil. It is best to start with cold water with a little bit of salt to create the rolling, rapid boil you are looking for.

Does homeostasis effect salt concentration?

homeostasis does have salt effect, when you sweat you lose water and salt

Does salt have an effect on soap bubbles?

No, salt does not have an effect on soap bubbles.

How does sun effect the salt in the ocean?

The Sun does not effect the salt in the ocean.

What does salt do to a cold sore?

Salt will make a cold sore hurt worse.

How much salt does water have in it?

That all depends on the region, and the weather conditions. Warmer waters tend to hold more salt then cold. The average ocean has 32 parts per thousand that are salty.

Why does cold weather make cars rust?

cars rust faster in warm wet times. it is the moisture & road salt that causes the corrosion.

Why does it help to add salt to icy pathways?

Because it melts the ice. Salt melts ice within a certain temperature range. If the weather is sufficiently cold, the ice won't melt even if salt is used, however it's usually not that cold. Salty water has a lower freezing temperature than pure water.

How can the salt melt the ice even when the salt is cold?

yes it can. The salt eats away at it. So the ice is disintegrating slowly even though the salt is cold.

How did the people make igloos a long time ago?

people made igloos by using the cold weather and water and snow and rain and salt and sugar

Which dissolve in cold water sugar or salt?

Sugar and also salt can be dissolved in cold water.

Witch water will freeze faster cold water with salt or hot water with salt?

which water will freeze faster? cold water with salt or hot water with salt????

Why is salt scattered on road that are covered with ice in cold hilly regions?

1. If it is not too cold, salt melts the ice. 2. If it is too cold, salt adds friction to the ice.

Effect of salt water on wood?

Salt does not have much of an effect on wood. Salt is a preservative that prevents the growth of fungi on wood surfaces.

What happens to salt when it is put into cold water and stirred?

The cold water becomes salt water. The salt doesn't dissolve like sugar.

Why is cold ethanol added to the soap and salt mixture?

why is cold ethanol added to the soap and the salt mixture

How do salts such as table salt keep wet roads from frezzing in cold weather?

The released heat of solubility for sodium chloride lower the freezing temperature of ice.

What are the salinity differences of cold and warm water - fresh and salt water?

fresh water has no salinity, warm or cold, salt water does. The salinity of warm and cold salt water is the same.

What is the weather in salt lake city?

Cold and snowy in the winter, hot and dry in the summer with occassional surprise thunder showers. If you plan on doing some sightseeing in the city, the weather is usually most mild in May and September.

How does temperature effect the solubility of salt in water?

The solubility increases with temperature. In other words, salt dissolves faster in hot water than it does in cold water. This is true of almost all chemicals, not just salt. Heat usually increases solubility.