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Does college mean the same thing as university?


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Yes, it basically is referring to the same thing.

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College is post 16 education that does BTEC's or A Levels and is the bridge between school and University, University does degrees, college doesn't simple!

Rowan university is an acctual college located in Glassboro NJ, there are a number of schools in the university, Phoenix is an online college.. they are unrelated

No. Medical school comes after you graduate from college (or university).

college in the states is the same as university in Canada In Canada a college is for technical training, university is for theoretical training. Both are secondary education.

No they are not. As indicated by name the University of Phoenix is a university. Phoenix College is a community college (two year institution).

yes... and no. A university is composed of different colleges ( or schools, if you want-) usually a university will have a school of arts and sciences, education, communication, etc. A separate college may specialize in one of these areas, like a teacher college or one like MIT that specializes in sciences, math, and technology.

Yes, they mean the same thing.

Yes they mean the same thing.

Yes they can mean the same thing.

Yes, they can mean the same thing.

Shabby and different do not mean the same thing.

No, they do not mean the same thing in all instances.

These two words can mean the same thing.

Yes we can change the college in 2nd year only when both the colleges belongs to same university. But if the university is different then it is not possible to change college.

yes grain mean the same thing as particale

Yes, sanctuary and refuge mean the same thing.

Loyal and faithful mean essentially the same thing.

Yes, it can mean the same thing.

well, it depends what country you live in. in the US, they refer to universities as colleges, hoiwever in the UK, a college as an alternative for sixth form

It can mean the same thing if you use it right:It's a solid source.It's a dependable source.They SOMETIMES can mean the same thing.

Synonyms are words that mean the same thing or are very similar in meaning.

"College" and "university" usually mean the same thing; that is, post-secondary education, or education after high school. However, there can also be the distinction that a college only offers undergraduate degrees (e.g. bachelors), whereas a university offers graduate degrees (e.g. Masters, PhD). A single university can be divided into "colleges" or "schools", which means they are all a part of the university but focus on a specific subject. They can be considered as departments of a university. For example, the University of Southern California has the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences; the Viterbi School of Engineering; the Thorton School of Music, the Roski School of Fine Arts; etc. Each has its specific emphasis but they are all on the same campus and all of the students will graduate with a degree from USC. I hope this helps answer your question!

They mean the same thing. The prefix fore- and afore- both mean previously or before.

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