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Q: Does cotton candy bubble gum last as long as citrus bubble g?
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What are the 6 flavors of bubble yum?

The 6 flavors are Original Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy Bubble Gum, Sugarless Original Bubble Gum ( its different because its SUGARLESS), Sour Apple Berry Bubble Gum, Watermelon Flavored with Jolly Rancher Bubble Gum, and the last one I do not know.

How long does a soap bubble last?

how long does a soap bubble last? a soap bubble last 45miniutes how long does a soap bubble last? a soap bubble last 45miniutes

Where is the last sws bubble in binweevils?

the last sws bubble is at gongs pipe nest!!!

What bubble gum flavor last the longest?

hubble bubble

Is season 3 the last season of the Bubble Guppies?

Yes. Season 3 is the last season of the Bubble Guppies.

How long does bubble-yum last?

Bubble tum lasts about 8 minutes

Which gum last longer then juicy fruit or bubble yum?

bubble yum

Where to get the last candy in club pinguin?

The last candy is at the beacon of the lighthouse next to the telescope

Can candy apples last a week?

no! because CANDY

What's a good project on bubble gum?

Which bubble gum flavor last longer ?

Citrus fruit with four letters last letter A?


In which month does Dairy Queen serve the cotton candy blizzard?

Through their blog in May 2010 Dairy Queen stated that "The Cotton Candy Blizzard was offered as a limited-time offering off and on over a period of several years. While you are not alone in your passion for this Blizzard flavor, at the same time this flavor did not sell very well the last time it was offered." And in April 2012 they confirmed "there aren't any current plans for the return of the Cotton Candy Blizzard Treat."

In which environment will a bubble last longer?

It will last longer in a hot envioroment.

Why does glycerin make a bubble last longer?

The thickness of the glycerin helps the bubbles to be strong and last longer than a normal soap bubble will.

When is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

The Last monday in January. The day that you appriciate bubble wrap.

Will glycerin make a bubble last longer?

glycerin is the main ingredient in bubble soaps and other soaps, it is what holds a bubble together. yes.

Can bubble wrap insulation be installed over tyvek?

No. Bubble wrap will not breath or last the life of the home.

How do you find the last item for the bubble mystery?

On what website?

What was the last candy made?


Who ate the last candy?

research it

Where is the second to last piece of candy on club penguin?

The piece of candy is at the plaza.

How long can a bubble last in a vacuum of space?

Provided it's a pure vacuum the bubble could last forever because there'd be nothing for it to collide with and pop

What brands of bubble gum produce the biggest bubble?

The last answer was wrong. It was proven that Trident does not produce the biggest bubble. So far, Hubba Bubba is in the lead.

Witch bubble gum flavor last the longest?

I think Bubblelicious last the longest.

What bowl game was Barry Switzer's last as a sooner coach?

Citrus Bowl