Does cracking your knuckles cause bone damage?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Does cracking your knuckles cause bone damage?
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Can clicking your knuckles give you cancer?

No, you wouldn't get a bone cancer if you crack your knuckles. The type of joint in the knuckles are saddle joints which do lock up periodically and can be unlocked by "cracking" your knuckles. There is NO evidence that doing this periodically, unless it becomes an obsessive-compulsive behavior is in any way bad for you.

Dose cracking your knuckles harm your bones?

Well, if you do it enough, there is a possibility of getting arthritis when you are older.WRONG. This statement above is a common myth. Cracking your knuckles has no side affects other than knocking your bones back in place. If done enough it will wear down the cartilage, but not enough to cause arthritis. The only way to get arthritis from cracking your knuckles is by doing 4-5 times a day, every day, for about 20-30 years.

What will happen if you crack your knuckles too much?

Cracking your knuckles is just releasing the nitrogen in between your joints. Cracking your knuckles can cause you to crack them more often. Your knuckles may become larger from cracking them.

What do Bone cysts lead to?

Bone cysts cause fractures and damage to bone tissue

Is it normal to crack your wrists continuously?

This is not true at all, cracking any bone in your body is not the cause of arthritislater in your life

Can cracking your neck cause death?

Yes, it can kill because it will crack the spine and the spine is the back bone of the body and if the back bone is broken then it is inevitable that the person will die

Is cracking your bone or knuckels a bad thing?


What can bites near bone cause?

Deep bites or bites near joints can damage joints and bones, causing inflammation of the bone and bone marrow or septic arthritis

Does cracking your joints have any long term adverse effects?

no it does not .. all it does is move your bones a little. and it will not cause arthritis

Does rheumatoid arthritis cause cracking bones?

RA is a disease of the joints and also other parts of the body where connective tissue is involved. It can be responsible for an outcome where there is bone damage in joints and those that are being treated for RA are more likely to sufferer from osteoporosis which is a reduction in bone density and which can seriously weaken bones for some. However it is not seen a s a major problem in RA.

Can a dog chew a bone for too long?

Although they love them, too much bone-chewing is actually bad for the dog's teeth. It can cause them to crack or even break. Also, bone slivers that get swallowed can cause internal damage.

Why does my daughter's knee creak when she bends it?

That cracking sound is the result of crepitus, which is the result of bone on bone movement or bone on ligament movement.