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Does demon exist before fallen angel?


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No, because demons are fallen angels.


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Molech is not a demon according to the Old Testament, but a false god, like Amon Ra. Therefore, there is no archangel to oppose him as he does not exist.

I believe this is referring to the half angel half demon statue? If I am not mistaken I believe this statue does not exist and was created for the film.

AnswerYou do not really know this. Some say that Amitiel is the angel of truth, others say the demon of deception. Others say that angels do not really exist, so it does not really matter whether you believe that he is the angel of truth or of deception.

Yes fallen angels do exist as they have been sent down to hell, like Lucifer.

"Demon hunters" really do not exist. They were made up for a good story.

Lions exist, demon do not. Lions win. A demon is a spiritual being and a lion is only an animal, the demon would win.

No. Demons don't exist.

Fairies are mythical creatures, they do not exist in real life. The origin of the belief in fairies was in ancient times some people believed that everything had a god associated with it. They called them fairies. They are, in actuality, demons, according to the Bible. That is what any god other than the one true God really is, a demon, in other words, a fallen angel. They are not something to be protected.

A:First, ask whether anyone you know can genuinely state that they have ever seen a demon or an angel while completely sober. If the answer is no, as I am sure it will be, then you will never see one either. Whether this is because demons and angels are too shy ever too show themselves, or because they do not really exist is for you to decide. Answer: You'll know if you're supposed to.

The Fallen is one of the first 13 transformers ever to exist, created thosands of years before Megatron was created. Yes he outranks him and is more powerful, that's why Megatron calls him master.

In mythology, there are stories about demons who meet a saintly being and become good. So if you are asking whether a demon could become an angel, in myth, it is possible. But in real life, this is another matter entirely, since there is no proof that demons or angels exist. Yes, many people do believe in them, but these are "beliefs"-- they cannot be proved nor can they be independently verified. Thus, since an incubus demon does not really exist (except in fiction and mythology), it cannot be good, nor can it be bad. It can only be whatever the story about it says.

There was no sin, but there was always free will. It was a choice based on pride. The devil, or Lucifer, could not exist in Heaven precisely because there could be no sin in Heaven: thus, he became a "fallen angel".

No one has ever really seen an angel. Whether or not they exist is simply a matter of faith, based on the scriptures. And angels were never mentioned in any book of the Old Testament written before the time of the Babylonian Exile.

Assuming he/she it exists, no. Satan is defined as the prince of darkness and evil. he's the first demon he is a fallen angel for his 'rude behavior' he's body scattered his wings turns into ugly all the things good and beautiful to him is all gone. for any reasons they exist and do things bad if someone died for example and it was really bad some of the demons who allowed to have the job for torturing souls will do it most of all Hell is a maze that there is no exit..

In mythology, yes. Famous examples include hellhounds, Fenrir (Though that's arguable depending on whether you count monstrous as demonic), the Barghest, Inugami (technically just a spirit but often counted among Japanese yokai, which is loosely translated as monster or demon)No demon dogs do not exist, the closet to a demon dog is a dog that has rapies.

A Rachel Jones angle does not exist. However, I wonder you may have meant "angel", not "angle"...

Yes, Satan the demon was the one who deceived Eve. He was the serpent.

they don't exist, they only live at the hell. and what makes you think demons live anywhere?

No, jin is only devil jin.


Yes it does, but it is very hard to understand. Try to get a book on it and research it somehow. Sorry if I couldn't be more help.More information:Demon Languages exist in the sense that certain people know they can made money by writing absurd books of gibberish and selling them to willing customers.

according to me , minakshi one universe exist before the big bang .

If you don't really care for him/her or even if that person is with you, it seems like he/she didn't exist.

jesus was an angel ,arch angel Michael in heaven .chief angel.he helped create the heavens and the earth

Yes it does exist.......there is some like people out there who finds their perfect soulmates,I am one of them because i have fallen in love with a nice man!

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