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never noticed any such effect - sometimes wish it would...

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Q: Does depacote mood swing medication affect men have an erection and sexual desirers?
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Vascetomy and its effects on getting an erection?

Vascetomy will not affect your erection in any way.

How come you can't stay hard?

You might be under stress and not able to concentrate. Or you could have taken some medication that affect your sex drive. Or you simple lost an erection due to not feeling turned on anymore.

What can replace l-arginine cannot take it due to herpes for erection?

Not sure what you mean by "due to herpes for erection". Herpes doesn't have any thing to do with erections. You're supposed to take L-Lysine not arginine. The most affective way to treat herpes is with antiviral medication. There are lots of things you can do or take to help you get an erection (which you should talk to your doctor about), herpes shouldn't affect that.

Can bacteria affect medication?

Bacteria can affect medication. Some bacteria have the ability to break down certain medications. This can cause adverse metabolites or products to be produced as well as an inactivation of the medication. They can also affect it when it is in your body in the same way.

Can medication affect your ESR?


Does medication affect intelligence?


How does alendronate affect the heart?

how does the medication alendronate 70 mg affect the heart one of the side effects of this medication is severe muscle pain

Does medicated chick feed affect humans if they eat the eggs?

no the medication will stay in the hen but the egg will not at all be affected by the medication therefore it will not affect people either

Does anti-inflammatory pain medication affect birth control?

Does vimovo affect birth control

Can the medication fluoxetine affect pregnancy test result?

can fluoxitine affect a pregnancy test result.

How does taking medication affect your nails?

it smells real bad!

How does drug tolerance affect someone?

it can reduce the effect of the medication

Does grapefruit cooked in marmalade affect high blood pressure medication?

does cooked grapefruit affect medicine

Can cold medication affect the accuracy of an STD test?

Cold medicine does not affect the accuracy of an STD test.

Does an excessive use of alcohol in ones lifetime affect his sterility?

Alcohol affects all the organ systems of the body. It could affect sterility, and will most certainly affect the ability to get and sustain an erection.

Do cats get sleepy after a worming tablet?

This can be a side affect of deworming medication.

Can you die from weed if you take medication?

It will not have a physical affect but if you are taking any medicines that affect the mind it may have an adverse reaction.

Can genital warts cause impotence?

Having warts may cause some mental issues that could affect you getting an erection, but there shouldn't be any direct cause and affect.

Why is water the best liquid to take with medication?

Because water has no other ingredients or chemicals apart from hydrogen and oxygen which don't really affect medication.

Does pain medication affect a breathalyzer?

no prescribed medications do not effect the breathalizer test!

Can the medication aciphex or muscle relaxers affect a pregnancy test result?


How long does the affect of Benzodyazipin last and when can you drink alcohol?

WebMD lists no such medication.

Does high dosage of thyroxine medication affect blood glucose levels?


What are antibiotics and how do they affect bacteria?

they are a cure for when you have a infection and you have to be ill and have to go to the doctors to get this medication.

Can you eat Cara Cara oranges while taking Lipitor medication?

Cara Cara oranges may affect the metabolism of the Lipitor medication. It is not recommended to eat them, or other citrus fruits, while taking this medication.