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Diamonds come from the heat and pressure exerted on carbon for a long period of time. So diamonds come from carbon

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Q: Does diamond come from sedimentary rock?
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Is a diamond sedimentary rock?

Diamond is classified as a mineral.

Is diamond a sedimentary rock?

Diamond is an igneous rock, basically solidified from magma.

Is a diamond a sedimentary rock or a metamorphic rock?

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon, a mineral, not a rock, and is not classified as a type of rock.

How long does it take for a diamond to become a sedimentary rock?

Although diamonds could become part of a formation of conglomerate, which is a sedimentary rock, diamond cannot become a rock because diamond is a mineral, whereas a rock has to be composed of two or more minerals.

Can sedimentary rocks come from other sedimentary rocks?

Yes. Sedimentary rock can weather and form the material for new sedimentary rock.

What kind of rock is a diamond a metamorphic rock an igneous rock or a sedimentary rock?

Diamond is a mineral formed from the element carbon, and is not considered a rock by the classifications in the query.

What era does sedimentary rock come from?

Sedimentary rock was, and is, being formed in all geologic eras.

When heat and pressure is applied to sedimentary rock it changes into what?


How does the igneous rock change into a sedimentary?

the igneous rock breaks into sediments(pieces) and then they come together and from a sedimentary rock or they heat up and change

Is organic rock a type of sedimentary rock?

ORGANIC SEDIMENTARY ROCK`s : Is a type of sedimentary rock because sedimentary rock has three types of sedimentary rock called clastic , chemical , and organic sedimentary rock so yes ORGANIC SEDIMENTARY ROCK is a type of sedimentary rock..........................................

Where does a sedimentary rock come from?

Sedimentary rocks come from the weathering and erosion of other rocks or from the precipitation in an aqueous solution.

What sedimentary rock does does slate come from?


Where does sedimentary rock chalk form?

they come from the sky

Is it possible for a sedimentary rock to be changed to become a new sedimentary rock?

Yes it is possible for a sedimentary rock to be changed into a different sedimentary rock.

Is a mushroom rock a sedimentary rock?

a mushroom rock is not a sedimentary rock.

What are the 3 main categories of sedimentary rock?

They are; Mechanically formed sedimentary rock, Chemically formed sedimentary rock, and Biologically formed sedimentary rock.

Which rock is sedimentary in origin and formed as a result of chemical processes?

Dolostone because it is a sedimentary rock that is formed through a chemical process that involves evaporation and crystallization.

Where does sedimentary rock come from originally?

A sedimentary rock is made from the products of the erosion of other rocks. These could be igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rocks. If you wish to know the original rock from which sedimentary and metamorphic rocks came from, you have to go back to when the Earth formed. In this case, the answer would be an igneous rock.

How is a gabbro a sedimentary rock?

its not a sedimentary rock; its a igneous rock

Can a sedimentary rock become a sedimentary rock?

Yes. A sedimentary rock can be weathered and turned into sediment just like any other rock. That sediment can then become sedimentary rock.

What are the 3 types of sedimentary?

Mechanically formed sedimentary rock , Chemically formed sedimentary rock and Organically formed sedimentary rock.

What are the main sub-categories Sedimentary Rock?

Detrital sedimentary rock Chemical sedimentary rock Biological sedimentary rock

Does a sedimentary rock come from a volcano?

No. Not directly at least. Volcanic rock is extrusive igneous rock. Sedimentary rock is formed from sediment weathered out of pre-existing rocks that has been deposited and turned back into stone. Some of this sediment can come from volcanic rocks.

Is conglomerate a igneous rock metamorphic rock or sedimentary rock?

It is a sedimentary rock.

What types of rock can be changed to sedimentary rock?

Any rock can be turned to a sedimentary rock as long as it becomes sediment first. Even sedimentary rock can become sediment and turn into a different sedimentary rock.

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