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Diesel engines run on diesel fuel. Gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.


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Gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. Only a diesel engine can run diesel. And a diesel engine cannot run on gasoline.

Diesel fuel is used in diesel engines as a partial lubricant. It also has a high flash point due the fact that diesel engines ignite the fuel by compression rather than spark. A gasoline engine on the other hand fires the fuel by spark and the fuel has a lower flash point. Gasoline has no lubricating qualities whatsoever. Diesel engines are designed to run on diesel fuel and the use of gasoline in a diesel engine will destroy it. Gasoline engines on the other hand will not even run on diesel but no damage will be done to the engine. You will however have to drain the fuel tank and flush out the fuel lines.

Locomotives use diesel engines thus run on diesel fuel, they do not use gasoline.

diesel engines compress the fuel mixture much more than gasoline engines, diesel engines are always fuel injected while gasoline engines have the option of being carbureted, diesel engines usually cost more, diesels produce more power than a comparable gasoline engine, diesel engines have no distributor or spark system, and instead use glow plugs to ignite fuel, and diesel engines can be converted to run on vegetable oil with few modifications.

Petrol engines use a spark plug to ignite the gasoline. Diesels on the other hand use compression to ignite the fuel. Diesel engines have a very high compression ratio that causes the fuel to ignite under pressure. Gasoline engine do not run near the compression as a diesel. Put diesel in a gasoline engine and it simply will not run. Reason being is that diesel fuel has a much higher flash point. Gasoline contains 4 to 12 carbon atoms, diesel has 10 to 20 carbon atoms and is much heavier than gasoline.

only if it has a diesel engine. A gasoline engine will not run properly on diesel fuel.

While a 707 or any jet could run on gasoline for a period of time, jet engines run on jet fuel which is similar to kerosene or diesel fuel.

They don't ... they're electric locomotives.

Put diesel fuel in a gasoline vehicle and it will not run at all.

Flex fuel does not mean you can use diesel. It means the engine can run on pure gasoline or on E85 gasoline. If you put diesel in this vehicle it simply will not run. Diesel can only be used in a diesel engine.

Yes, both fire and Paramedic units run diesel engines. Others are powered by gasoline or even compressed gas.

Yes, biofuel, like biodiesel, will run in diesel engines. Many ships have diesel engines run on fossil fuel diesel and they will easily run on biofuel.

Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, LPG.

No. Only around 1% of US cars run on diesel. Most run on gasoline (petrol) or a mix of gasoline and ethanol.

Because different engines have different advantages. Steam engines can be run from anything that burns, but are big and heavy. 2-stroke (gasoline) engines has great power-to-weight ratio, but tend to use a lot of fuel and create a lot of emissions. 4-stroke Diesel engines tend to run rougher and don't rev as high as gasoline engines but are more fuel efficient and often have more torque.

No. A petrol or gasoline engine will not run on diesel fuel.

You will destroy a diesel engine if you run gasoline in it. Do not even start the engine. You will have to drain the fuel tank, and all fuel lines.

Diesel engines. Engines that run on fossil fuel diesel oil can also run on biodiesel, which is oil made from plants.

Do NOT use Diesel fuel in a Ford Focus. The engine will stop running and you will have to drain the gas tank to rid the car of the diesel fuel. Gasoline engines are not designed to run on diesel. They do not have enough compression to cause the diesel fuel to combust The only engine used in a 2000 Ford Focus was the 2.0 which is NOT a diesel engine.

the two types of fuel vehicles usually run on are Gasoline or diesel fuel

There are buses that run on diesel fuel, others that run on gasoline, and still others that run on propane or natural gas. The tram, or trolley, is a bus that runs on electricity.Ray

Some cars have diesel engines because diesel engines give more mileage and diesel is cheaper than gasoline in some countries. In the UK diesel fuel costs more than gas but, because diesel engines give much better mileage (miles per gallon), people are still happy to pay more for the diesel fuel if they run diesel vehicles. Diesel engines last much longer and have much better torque at low revs than a petrol engine.

You cannot burn diesel fuel in a gasoline engine period. A gasoline engine will not run on diesel. So legality is a mute point. A gasoline engine and diesel engine are totally different in design and the way fuel is burned. The fuels are not interchangeable.

No, gasoline engines require a volatile fuel mixture to run ; water is inert, so it does not burn.

What kind of engine? There's steam, gasoline, diesel, 4 stroke, 2 stroke.

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