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only if it has a diesel engine. A gasoline engine will not run properly on diesel fuel.


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Put diesel fuel in a gasoline vehicle and it will not run at all.

Check the fuel inlet area - if the car is supposed to run on diesel, it may state "Diesel Fuel Only". If it doesn't, chances are that it takes normal everyday fuel.

Diesel engines run on diesel fuel. Gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

Car fuel can be many things. The most common is gasoline. There are also cars that run on diesel, electricity, and hydrogen.

Drain fuel tank, blow out fuel lines, pour gasoline into carb or throttle body to run vehicle to get rid of balance of diesel fuel

It should be diesel fuel in a diesel car - in the US and Europe, that will be #2 Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

Gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. Only a diesel engine can run diesel. And a diesel engine cannot run on gasoline.

It depends on the model and the specification of what you have. A car filled with diesel that is supposed to have regular unleaded is not going to run at all.

No damage it just will not run on diesel fuel. Drain the tank, flush the fuel lines, replace the fuel filter and fill it up with fresh gasoline. Use starter fluid to get it going.

I run my car on jet fuel so its the same price as diesel - - - - - Go to to find fuel prices in your area.

It is a tax issue. Dyed diesel fuel is not taxed, and as long as the fuel is used on the farm it can be run in anything, but when dyed fuel is used on a road vehicle you are cheating your state and town of tax revenue needed to maintain roadways.

Diesel fuel injection service allows you to fill you car will fuel that will allow for your car to travel further. Diesel is typically used by trucks.

Do NOT use Diesel fuel in a Ford Focus. The engine will stop running and you will have to drain the gas tank to rid the car of the diesel fuel. Gasoline engines are not designed to run on diesel. They do not have enough compression to cause the diesel fuel to combust The only engine used in a 2000 Ford Focus was the 2.0 which is NOT a diesel engine.

peanut oil was the first fuel for the diesel engine

diesel fuel is in your car!

Jet fuel is high grade diesel so a jet fuel car would use high grade diesel fuel.

Anything that can be burned to run a diesel engine.

petrol and diesel are fossil fuels so if you put fossil fuels in your car it should run

Flex fuel does not mean you can use diesel. It means the engine can run on pure gasoline or on E85 gasoline. If you put diesel in this vehicle it simply will not run. Diesel can only be used in a diesel engine.

Will cause engine damage If large amount in tank car will not start or run

Start the diesel engine to run the generator.

Yes a diesel pickup truck will be more fuel efficient than those that run on normal fuel. Diesel is designed to run longer than the regular fuel however it comes at a higher cost.

Most cars run on petrol or diesel, some will use electricity, propane, bio fuel or a combination such as petrol and electricity.

No one does. Diesel fuel is not gas. It would almost be similar to putting oil in your gas tank....except worse. Your car will belch out black smoke if it does run. Also a diesel engine does not run on gasoline. Keep them separate.

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