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How much is jet fuel?

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I run my car on jet fuel so its the same price as diesel

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Go to to find fuel prices in your area.

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The final quarter 2014, the average cost of jet fuel was about $2.85 per gallon. A Boeing 777 holds about 51,585 gallons of jet fuel.

Depends on the jet, they hold about one 25th of a Boeing 737's fuel.

It depends on specific gravity of Jet A fuel. It can be calculated by multipling specific gravity of fuel by 2.2.

There are 2 different fuel types but Jet A is the most common. Jet A / Jet A-1: 0.775 to 0.840 kg/L Jet B: 0.751 to 0.802 kg/L

One barrel of Singapore Jet Fuel cost US$170.48 on 10th July 2008

Jet fuel is kerosene base turbine aviation fuel

Jet fuel have low conductivity

Internally, an F-18 jet can hold 14,400lbs of fuel.

No. Jet fuel is closely related to kerosene and diesel fuel.

6.84 pounds per gallon

Depends how much fuel you put in it

Jet fuel weighs 6.8 lbs per gallon.

While a 707 or any jet could run on gasoline for a period of time, jet engines run on jet fuel which is similar to kerosene or diesel fuel.

Most common jet fuel is kerosine based and not corrosive.Most common jet fuel is kerosine based and not corrosive.

Too much when jet fuel is as high as it is...

Jet A fuel, the most common type of jet fuel freezes at −40 °C (-40°F) However the problem does not arise in practice as most modern jet aircraft are equipped with in-pipeline fuel heaters which maintain the temperature of the fuel lines so as to prevent any gelling or freezing of the fuel. Indeed, a much more concerning phenomena is the freezing of water-ice crystals in the fuel, as water has a much higher freezing point, and can clog fuel lines. Nowadays almost all jet fuel is treated with special additives which, among other things, prevent the formation of these ice crystals.

Jet fuel is high grade diesel so a jet fuel car would use high grade diesel fuel.

Jet fuel is what powers the jet engine.Its a bit like putting petrol in your car.No fuel then you wont be going anywhere!

depends where you are flying from but probably a lot!

not a lot because i have been to Texas

It weighs 200 tones exactly.

Thh Price uff Jet Fuel is 50.00 a gallon

JPA1 is a type of Jet Fuel. Not sure of the specifics, but it is a form of Jet Fuel.

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