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The final quarter 2014, the average cost of jet fuel was about $2.85 per gallon. A Boeing 777 holds about 51,585 gallons of jet fuel.

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Q: How much does jet fuel cost?
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How much does one gallon of jet fuel cost?


How much does one barrel of jet fuel cost?

One barrel of Singapore Jet Fuel cost US$170.48 on 10th July 2008

How much does jp-4 jet fuel per cost a gallon?


How much does it cost from Hawaii to Montreal in first class?

Too much when jet fuel is as high as it is...

How much is plane fuel?

The cost changes a lot much like gasoline, and the cost is slightly different for prop or jet fuel, but it's usually around $4.00 a gallon.

How much money does jet fuel cost in Mexico?

Check the related links section below.

What is the cost of a metric ton of jet fuel?


How much does it cost to purchase Jet Fuel?

The cost of jet fuel varies depending on the location of the airport and the city where its being purchased, this can cause a variation of a few dollars per gallon. It runs around $24 to $26 dollars a barrel.

What is the yearly fuel cost for tiger woods' jet?


Why does jet fuel cost less per gallon than gasoline?

Jet fuel is diesel fuel, which is generally cheaper than high-octane gasoline.

How much does the fuel cost for a F-16 fighter jet?

The F-16 uses a fuel variant of kerosene. It is called JP-8, and is used widely in jet engines in the United States. The cost as of August 19, 2012 is $3.09 per gallon.

How much does a jet cost?

About 100,000,000

How much does a gallon of Jet A gas cost?

In the US on this day in April, 2011, a gallon of jet fuel purchased under a bulk contract costs about $3.25 per gallon.

How much fuel does a fighter jet hold?

Depends on the jet, they hold about one 25th of a Boeing 737's fuel.

How much does jet fuel wiegh?

About 7 pounds

How much is jet fuel?

I run my car on jet fuel so its the same price as diesel - - - - - Go to to find fuel prices in your area.

How much does 1 liter of Jet A fuel weigh?

It depends on specific gravity of Jet A fuel. It can be calculated by multipling specific gravity of fuel by 2.2.

How much does it cost to fill a plane?

Jet A fuel is roughly at 7.99 a gallon so your looking at about $457,707.15. That's to fuel up a 747 by the way. It depends on the plane

How much does it cost to build a jet?


How much does a liter of jet fuel weigh and how would you figure how much jet fuel is used for each passenger you are interested in the Airbus 380 and the Boeing 777?

There are 2 different fuel types but Jet A is the most common. Jet A / Jet A-1: 0.775 to 0.840 kg/L Jet B: 0.751 to 0.802 kg/L

What is the cost of one metric ton of jet fuel?

As of June 13, 2014, the cost for one metric tone of jet fuel is $976.90. This is down from March 7, 2012 when the price was $1079.75 per tone.

How much does it cost to buy a jet?

Way too much.

How much money does jet fuel cost per pound?

Jet fuel weighs about 6.7 pounds per gallon and costs about 3 dollars per gallon, so that would equate to approximately 45 cents per pound.

How much does a 69 mustang cobra jet cost?

it cost 45,300

How much does it cost to fill an a320 airbus?

The standard A320 has a fuel capacity of 6,400 US gallons. Jet Fuel is 210.5 cents/gallon (7-Jan-2010), giving a maximum refuelling cost of $13,472.