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No, it is free to download the basic. (I know because a teen babysitter helped me dowload basic Limewire this last month on my home PC.) No, But it can if you get caught using it. limewire is illegal and you can get in trouble for it. Limewire says it is legal, But it is only legal to them limewire doesnt use any of the files, just lets them go from one place to another (you can also get pro for nothing by downloading PRO off limewire basic ';,.,;'

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โˆ™ 2005-12-03 21:44:40
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Q: Does downloading LimeWire Basic cost anything?
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Does LimeWire cost to download?

No, Limewire is free, but downloading through it is mostly illegal.

Where can you get Jeff Hardy's Entrance Music without downloading or signing up?

you will have to download it from somewhere but you can download it from limewire easily and it wont cost anything.

Does downloading LimeWire cost money?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I used limewire to get my songs on my ipod touch and it was free.

Does LimeWire cost money if it is just basic LimeWire?

I'm pretty sure basic LimeWire is free. It only costs money if you upgrade to the pro version. i know people who have LimeWire and they pay nothing.

Does LimeWire cost anything?

NO it doesn't. I got it though.

Ow much money does it cost to dowload one song from LimeWire?

no dude its a FREE music downloading site

You want a LimeWire that you KNOW for a fact is free?

LimeWire Basic, when downloaded from the official website, is completely free of charge. You can also get a program based on LimeWire's source code, FrostWire, at no cost.

What is the cost for LimeWire Pro?

The basic version of LimeWire is free, but if one is wanting LimeWire Pro there is a fee attached. One can purchase LimeWire for $21.95 with 6 months of free updates or $34.95 with a year of free updates.

Does LimeWire songs cost anything?

no but you can download viruses I don't think so.

Does it cost money for LimeWire 4.18.8?

No u don't i have it 2 but limewire pro costs $$$

Does it cost money to download songs from LimeWire to itunes?

If you buy songs legally from the LimeWire store then it will cost money. If you are caught downloading songs illegally without paying for them then it could cost you a lot of money. To quote LimeWire: What Happens If I Commit Copyright Infringement? Your activities on peer-to-peer networks such as LimeWire may be monitored by copyright owners. Violation of copyright laws may subject one to substantial money damages. Copyright owners have sued thousands of people for infringement of copyright over peer-to-peer networks. (See links below)

Why is the new Itunes version not compatible with LimeWire?

if you want the answer to fix the itunes with limewire any itunes verison and limewire will cost you 2,99$ msg me at

Is there a way to get music on to your ipod at no cost?


How much does it cost to download from LimeWire?


How much does limewire cost to install to your computer?


Does It cost to download songs at LimeWire?

i read that it was free

How much does it cost to join limewire?

Nothing it is free

How much would it cost you to download movies?

The cost of downloading movies depends on where you are downloading movies from. If you have an Android phone and are downloading movies they range from a rental of $4 to $20 dollars.

How much money does it cost to download one song of LimeWire?

Limewire is totally free.....but its somewhat illegal and gives your computer viruses!

How do you download and not cost a penny for music?

One word, Limewire.

How much does limewire cost for each song?

nothing it is free

Does LimeWire cost money?

It depends on which version you get there is a way for it to cost money. But it is most likely to tell you whether it will cost money or not! :)

How much do chain tools cost?

Anything from $12 for a basic version to $120 for a shop version.

When you put LimeWire music into itunes does that cost you?

No, it does not cost you unless you are caught handling stolen music that you should have paid for and then it will cost you a lot.

Does downloading Firefox cost money?