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Yes, dragonfly larvae eat many kinds animals, including mosquito larvae, damselfly larvae, and even tadpoles and small fish when they are larger.

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Q: Does dragonfly larva eat mosquito larva?
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What do dragonfly larva eat?

They eat mostly mosquito larvae, THEY DO NOT ABSORB THEIR ENERGY FROM THE SUN! - to the goon who answered before me.

What does a baby dragonfly look like?

It is swimming and looks like a mosquito larva!

Do fish eat dragonfly larva?


What does dragonfly nymph eat?

They eat mosquito larvae.

What does a dragonfly larva eat?

A dragonfly larva eats tadpoles, fish, and other small animals it can find that can fit in its mouth.

What does a dragonfly larvae eat?

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

Is a dragonfly larva a herbivore?

No, dragonfly larvae are not herbivores as they eat other species' larvae or tadpoles.

Do dragonflies eat pollen?

Dragonfly's will not eat pollen but they will eat mosquito's and aphid's.

Is a dragonfly larva an omnivore?

Dragonfly larvas eat other bugs wich make 'em carnivores

What can eat mosquito larva?

Anything that's hungry enough.

What do draganflies eat besides mosquito larva?

other flys

What can Dragonfly Larva do that a Dragonfly cannot?

A dragonfly larvae can eat underwater and an adult dragonfly cannot. The larvae have extendable jaws to catch other larvae.

How many mosquito will a dragonfly eat in a day?

at least 10

What does a dragonfly nymph eat?

They eat mosquito larvae.

Where does the mosquito larva lives?

mosquito larva live anywhere in water

What do mosquito larva eat?

Floating organic matters floating in the water

Is the larva stage of a dragonfly a consumer?

Yes, the larva stage of a dragonfly is a consumer; they are also carnivores.

What do you call The larva stage of a mosquito?

what do u call the larva stage of a mosquito

Is a dragonfly a herbivore or a carnivore?

A dragonfly larva is a herbivore.

Is a dragonfly larva a decomposer?

No. Dragonfly larvae are predators.

Does a dragonfly eat meat?

They eat other insects, allready in the early larva stage they're predators.

Why is the mosquito important to the survival of the grizzly bear?

fish eat misquito larva

How do betta fish eat when not in captivity?

Wild bettas primarily eat insect larva that floats on the surface of the water, like mosquito larva. If they swim by it and it wriggles, they eat it.

What is the larva of mosquito's called?

Mosquito larvae are just named according to the species of mosquito, ie - 'Culex larva'.

What is the lifecycle of a dragonfly?

Female dragonflies lay eggs in or near water. The eggs then hatch into nymphs. While in the nymph stage they eat mosquito larva. Most of the dragonfly's life is spent in the nymph form, beneath the water. After three to five years, the larva metamorphoses into an adult. The adult stage can last as long as five or six months.