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Yes, they do. They pretty much eat anything that moves in the pond or stream, including critters up to their own size.


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dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

Yes, dragonfly larvae eat many kinds animals, including mosquito larvae, damselfly larvae, and even tadpoles and small fish when they are larger.

They eat mosquito larvae.

They eat mostly mosquito larvae, THEY DO NOT ABSORB THEIR ENERGY FROM THE SUN! - to the goon who answered before me.

A great many species eat mosquito larvae. Other predatory aquatic insects (e.g. dragonfly larvae, aquatic beetles) as well as freshwater fish (e.g. guppies, killifish, carp) and even birds (migratory songbirs, waterfowl) will eat mosquito larvae. Tadpoles also eat mosquito larvae.

A dragonfly nymph lives underwater, and will eat mosquito larvae, and other aquatic insects.

A dragonfly larvae can eat underwater and an adult dragonfly cannot. The larvae have extendable jaws to catch other larvae.

Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

No, dragonfly larvae are not herbivores as they eat other species' larvae or tadpoles.

Yes, there are several ducks who will eat mosquito larvae. Muscovy ducks are said to be the main predator for mosquito larvae and are essential for keeping the mosquito population at bay.

YES, especially mosquito larvae

Fish eggs are not eaten by dragonfly larvae. Dragonfly larvae eat small fish, very small fish and tadpoles. They do not eat fish larvae. A lot of fish eat the larvae out of there own nests.

Bromelaids eat mosquito larvae.

if its a larvae, it cant eat, therefore how can it be carnivorous?

Yes, it is safe to eat mosquito larvae; you will digest them. They even have nutritional value.

Like adult dragonflies, dragonfly larvae also eat other insects. Since they are mostly aquatic, they can also get big enough to eat tadpoles and small fish.

the dragonfly larvae is called a nymph.

Most fish will gladly to eat the larvae.

No. Mosquito larvae graze over plant and rock matter in the water and eat bacteria and algae. Butterfly larvae eat plants on land.

Well they do NOT eat Mosquito s, they usually don't eat once adults they just breed and die, if they do eat they eat nectar. As larvae they eat what most larvae do, roots and other vegetation in the soil.

Decomposers eat dead material. Most decomposers are fungus and bacteria. However, mosquito larvae does not eat dead organic material, and therefore is not a decomposer.

Yes, they do. Mostly mosquito larvae eat them though.

no why because they where so small

bettles, bugs, dragonfly larvae, insects, spiders

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