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no, they are not connected

however if gas is an option it is usually cheaper and most electric dryers require a special high voltage outlet.

if you do not already have one installed it maybe best to go with the gas

you have to weigh out the prices of installation. ie moving gas line if needed, installing 240v outlet (most cities require permit and licensed electricians $$$), and price of buying proper dryer good luck :)

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Q: Does dryer need to be gas if stove is gas?
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Which outlets will need 240 voltage lines?

A stove, dryer, water heater, furnace, heat pump.

How do you convert from electric clothes dryer to gas clothes dryer?

The only practical way to do that would be to sell the electric clothes dryer and use the proceeds toward purchase of a gas dryer. Even if it was possible to convert the dryer the cost would be prohibitive versus a new dryer. If you mean converting the building, then you would need to have natural gas plumbing installed, and you would need an outlet that matches the voltage of the new dryer.

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First, you should look and see if it is a gas or an electric dryer. A gas dryer will save you more than an electric dryer. Then, you need to see if it is a full size or a compact dryer model.

Who invented the clothes dryer that used heat from a stove?

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