Does eating different colored foods eventually turn your skin into those colors?

The only time I've ever heard of this happening was when someone ate LOTS of carrots - I think it was some screwy diet. the beta carotene in the carrots turned their skin orangish. I would imagine you'd have to eat an awful lot of carrots for that to occur.

There may be other foods that will do this - especially ones with beta carotene - but I've never heard of any. Are you mad?!! Of course not. Although the exeption is carrots, exept your skin goes more yellow, because of too much of a certain vitamin When my son was a baby one of the only foods he would eat were sweet potatoes and he ate a lot of them. His skin did turn yellow due to the Vitamin A content in the food. So, while this may not be uncommon in babies, I think it would be unusual for an adult simply because our diets are so much more varied.

Any food that contains large amounts of beta carotene can turn skin orange. It is first noticed on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. It may even make it to the tip of your nose. Carrots, sweet potatoes, mango, and cantelope all contain large amounts of beta carotene. Even some green vegetables (spinach, kale) have a large amount though the color is green because of large amounts of chlorophyll. It is unusual, but nonetheless possible and happens. It is benign and will eventually fade.