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Yes, but you should also do the following:

1) First, obtain Dual Citizenship in the country you are emigrating to.

2) Liquidate and remove all assets from your native country to avoid possible

forfeiture by the Government, who will try to seize anything of value when

you default on your student loans. Also, obtain certified copies of all your

educational transcripts/diplomas from the original institutions you attended.

The Government may prevent you from getting these records after default.

3) Renounce the citizenship of your native country, and embrace your new


4) You are now immune from debt collection on your unpaid student loans,

however you can never return to your native country without becoming

subject to collections again.

Sounds extreme, but financial freedom in Another Country is better than being a lifelong debt slave in the Land of the Free.

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Q: Does emigration effectively discharge student loan debt?
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Can a parent get out of a student loan if they can no longer work?

In some instances, a parent can get out of a student loan if they are unable to work. You can visit the Federal Student Aid website for information about discharge of debt.

Do you have to include student loans in bankruptcy filing?

can you file student loans on bankruptcy no. But yes you do have to list them in your bankruptcy. And No they will not discharge the debt on them, if they are federal student loans.

How do you discharge a civil judgment?

The same way you discharge any debt in a bankruptcy. Unless it involves fraud of the kind that is not dischargeable., or is for a debt that is not dischargeable.

Can you discharge your car in bankruptcy?

You can't discharge a car or any other asset. You can only discharge a debt (money owed).

How do you use the word in debt in a sentence?

He has a large student debt.

What would be the best thing for a college student in credit card debt to do?

The best thing for a college student in credit card debt to do is to contact a debt consolidation company to help workout a payment plan that the student can afford.

Is student loan debt consolidation something that will save money in the long run?

Student loan debt consolidation is a way to consolidate student loan debt to the point that money is put in a synthetic grace period to prevent interest.

Student loan debt for a college graduate?

Is this a question? Are you asking the average amount? Some but not all have student loan debt after graduation.

Who can file a lien on property after a bankruptcy discharge?

No one. Liens can only arise on valid debts. They can be statutory (such as a mechanics lien) or judicial ( a judgment lien). However, bankruptcy discharges the underlying debt, unless the debt was one not subject to discharge (such as taxes of a student loan). These creditors can pursue these debts, receive a judgment and enforce collection through a judgment lien.

Can you use your Stafford student loan to pay off debt?

No, you cannot use a Stafford student loan to pay off personal debt. The only debt that should be paid off with an educational Stafford loan is your college debt.

What is the average debt of a student loan?

Not sure of average individual student loan, but the average student with student loans has $28,000.

How can creditors size a tax refund check one year after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The answer depends on who the creditor is and the status of the debt. If the debt was a student loan or other non-dischargable debt, then your tax refund can be taken. If the debt WAS discharged, ANY collection action of any kind on a discharged debt is a violation of the permanent injunction of the discharge and therefore illegal. If the creditor was not included on the creditor matrix, then informing them of the bankruptcy and discharge of the debt may be all that is necessary to have the refund returned to you. In other cases it may be necessary to file a Motion for Contempt against the creditor in bankruptcy court. This would require the re-opening of the bankruptcy.

What is mean by Debt and Bankruptcy?

Debt is what you owe others for money the lent you expecting to be repaid by you. Bankruptcy is a federal legal court system that allows debtors to get a discharge, which prevents creditors from taking any action to collect the debt. It does not prohibit you from repaying the debts as and when you can after the discharge. Some loans cannot be discharged, such as student loans and child support arrears. Secured loans (mortgages, car loans, etc.) must either be reaffirmed or the collateral surrendered to the creditor

Where can one go for debt counseling?

In order to receive debt counseling, one can go to the Debt Settlement website. The website has tools that allow people to manage their debt more effectively.

What does discharge of a debt mean when it is not associated with bankruptcy does it mean the debtor is fullt released from the obligation to repay the debt?

Yes, if a debt is discharged the debtor no longer has to pay.

How do you know if a debt has been discharged?

You don't. A discharge merely states that any dischargeable debt is hereby discharged. That's why there are bankruptcy lawyers. Virtually all unsecured loans not incurred through fraud, except the enumerated types (child support, student loans, etc.) are discharged.

Settle a student loan for less?

{| |- | Freedom Student Loans helps borrowers consolidate Federal student loan debt into one low monthly payment. Freedom Student Loans can also cut the total monthly payments in half and lock in a low interest rate. You can even go for Freedom Debt Relief as their financial advisers negotiate your debt amount and help in reducing your debt levels. |}

Can you still lose your house after Bankrupty was discharge?

Yes, you can lose it if you do not make the payments on it. A bankruptcy discharge does not erase debt. It renders it nonrecourse -- meaning that you cannot be called upon to personally pay the debt. However, it does not affect liens. Therefore, if you don't pay the debt, the lien can be foreclosed.

How can student debt be paid off?

"Student debt can be paid off in many ways. Once the student is out of school, they can pay off the entire debt at once or they can consolidate and start making payments. If they go into education, some of their loans will be forgiven if they work in ""at risk"" schools and school districts."

Can someone with bad credit get student loans?

Student loans are decided upon the income of the student and their parents and also the college course for which they are applying. Debt is not normally considered so even someone with bad debt would possibly be able to get a student loan.

Can student loans be discharged in a bankruptsy because of hardships?

Yes, there is a very SMALL possibility that student loans can be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding and you are correct to say that the reason would be with a very compelling showing of hardship. That being said, this is very uncommon and student loans are typcially classified in a category of nondischargeable debt. A law was passed in 1998 that has made it even more difficult to discharge a student loan in bankruptcy. It is incredibly difficult to discharge a loan in this way, and the only approach is to convince a court that repaying the loan would create a severe hardship for you.

What is the total student loan debt in the US?


Is a discharge the same as a dismissal in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

No. If the bankruptcy is dismissed, it ended before it was completed, very likely before discharge, although sometimes and objection to discharge is filed after something happens to make the discharge voidable by the court (trustee finds unlisted assets, for example). A discharge is essentially a permanent restraining order prohibiting any creditor from trying to collect a debt from the debtor, unless specifically exempted (child support arrears, some taxes, student loans, etc.).

Is student loan a spousal debt after divorce?

If the debt was acquired during the divorce is could be taking into consideration.

What happens to your liens if you discharge IRS debt in bankruptcy?

The liens survivie the BK.