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No - Ender does not die at the end of "Ender's Game". He survives to go with the first wave of colonists who are heading out to colonize all the worlds previously occupied by the Formics. He suffers death, of a sort, in one of the later books of the Enders quartet.

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Q: Does ender die at the end of enders game?
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Which character does Ender take to scout bugger colonies in the end of Ender's Game?

Ender's sister Valentine

How was the conflict in enders game resolved?

Dear Asker, I sincerely think you should just read the book, it is... magnificent. Orson Scott Card (the author) did such a good job, but when people hear about how it has aliens in it coming to destroy earth, they back out. ****SPOILER ALERT FOR ENDER'S GAME**** In the end of the book, Ender is sent to an academy on a planet named Eros. It is very small and dark. He plays a game, very realistic where he can see everything in three dimension. He has ships, and the enemy too. And so every time, Ender manages to win the level and gain entrance to the next one. After a while, he became a little crazy, didnt sleep much and didnt have a lot of human contact. One day, a couple of Earth's leader came to see Ender play. Mazer Rackham (his mentor) and Hyrum Graff (his other mentor) told him that this was the last level. He put on the microphone and "played" the game with his friends from battle school (including Bean, Hot Soup, Petra...) At the end of the battle, Ender released a scientifically engineered bomb with the capability to destroy a planet. The bomb fell on the buggers (or formics) home planet, and destroyed the planet, along with every alien ship. Ender then sees all the Earth dirigents crying and praying to their gods, huging each other. Thats when Mazer tells him nothing was a game, it was all real, the war ended and Ender became a colonist with his sister. He then goes to another world called Shakespeare in the second book. Hope it helps, <(") Skba (")>

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What happens at the end of Enders game?

Ender kills off all the buggers and regrets it. Becomes the Speaker for the Dead in response.

Does ender die at the end?


Which character does Ender take to scout bugger colonies in the end of Ender's Game?

Ender's sister Valentine

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What is the exposition of Ender's Game?

they fight in the end

What is the significance of the title Ender's Game?

Throughout the book Ender thinks that everything he's doing is a game. It's only at the end that he realizes it isn't. Therefore, Ender's Game.

What is the signafcance of the title 'Enders Game'?

It's because Ender masters the game. He was the best commander they ever had and because of him it is eventually destroyed. Also while he is battling the buggers he believes he is playing a simulation game. The whole thing, to him, is merely a game and not until the end does he understand that he was killing actual creatures.

How do you end a LittleBigPlanet 2 cutscene?

You put a game ender on the sequencer

How is the main conflict in Ender's Game resolved?

The main conflict in tge begining of Enders game is his relationship with the other kids in battle school. He ends up gaining the respect and [SPOILER] kills the one who is terrorizing him. The real main problem of Ender beating the formics is resolved in the end when Ender uses Dr. Device ( The Little Doctor, the MD device, or it can even be called by Mechanical Disruption Device) to blow up the formic home world and destroy the whole species

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The End dimension can be left if the Ender Dragon is killed, and a portal is created, or if you die.

When will Minecraft end?

Minecraft will never end even if you beat the Ender Dragon. People always thought that after they beat the ender dragon, the game ends but Minecraft is a game of IMAGINATION. You can build anything-----Endless Possibilities----It never ENDS.

What is the authors message in Ender's Game?

"Enders Game" message is that in any war, there are two sides to the conflict. There are no guarantees that the motivations of a government are pure or evil, or if they really have the best interests of their citizens in mind. At the end of the novel, the main character, a military protege, feels the full impact of what he has done and must somehow find a way to forgive or excuse his actions.