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yes. it isn't necessarily during intercourse either..but even when just erect. Be aware though, that pre-ejaculate contains sperm...and therefore, if with a woman, you should have a condom on before there is ANY touching between each other's genitals.

Cowpers Gland Secretion -- also known as pre-ejaculate or pre-come -- normal when a guy has an erection for a while. Its purpose is to sterilize the urethra (neutralizing the acidity from urine) so that sperm can survive. It also serves as an additional lubricant during intercourse.

Pre-ejaculate is normal and universal (unless there is a medical problem). However, the amount varies widely, and in some cases may not be noticeable.

2011-09-12 23:12:00
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Who is responsible for tie up during the intercourse of dog?

The male.

Can hepatitis c be transmitted from female to male during intercourse?


How does the girl get pregnant?

the male ejaculates in the female during sexual intercourse.

How does the male gamete reach the female gamete in the human being?

during intercourse

How do you improve male stamina during intercourse?

According to doctors it is thought to take part in a sport before intercourse. This will set a adrenaline rush in the body. If you have intercourse straight after then the adrenaline rush will boost the stamina of the male. Hope that helps!

What if a male dog and a girl participate in intercourse?

That's called bestiality and is illegal in every country.

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The chromosomes need to be XY during intercourse. There's millions of sperm in a male, and its random for the baby's sex.

Which contains the sperm cell or male cell?

Contains by a male before intercourse and by a female after intercourse

What causes air bubbles in a woman's vagina?

The male genitalia pushes air in the vagina during intercourse.

Male wears protection during intercourse in the bathtub is this safe?

Yes, once you wear protection you are safe.

Why discomfort for male with Birth control Mirena?

The "strings" can sometimes poke the tip of the man's penis during intercourse.

What is the function of the fluid from the cowpers gland?

This fluid acts as a lubricant for male urethra, probably, during sexual intercourse.

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A male and female have sexual intercourse, then the female late lays eggs. Same as every other bird.

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foreplay is most important before intercourse. if u want to satisfy your wife or husband then must learn foreplay and then go for intercourse, otherwise no one will satisfy either it is male or female.

How does the kidney function in a male during reproduction?

The kidney provides no assistance during intercourse, apart from the fact that if you have kidney issues, you will probably find it difficult to get aroused.

How do you intercourse first time?

Intercourse the first time is the same as the rest, the male penis is inserted into the female vagina. After a while the male ejaculates, intercourse may be painfull for the first time for the female.

Where sperm is released during intercourse?

That depends on what species of animal you want to know about. In humans sperm is released during intercourse from the penis of the male. As for where it goes after that depends on other things, such as which type of intercourse is being performed. Humans are very creative and imaginitive people, so semen can end up just about anywhere.

How long do erections last for?

As long as he needs it too. During sexual intercourse and masturbation it lasts until the male has finished or ejaculated.

How is an organism produced in sexual reproduction?

The male sperm goes into a female egg during sexual intercourse, and then they fuse and a xygote is formed.

Can a male transsexual make a women pregnant?

If the transexual is still producing active semen, it would be possible for them to inpregnate a female during intercourse.

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To get a baby a male and female have sexual intercourse.

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Yup ... During sexual intercourse the male emits semen even before ejaculation. In that semen are sperm ... Pregnancy can occur before the male orgasm.

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It happens in sexual intercourse. If the sperm is a male and the egg is female it will be male but if both are female, it will be female!

Is female peacock gets preganent without intercourse or gets preganent from licking male tears?