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Does every sun have planets?



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yes every sun does have planets because there is only one sun.

if you meant stars no not all stars have planets

Not true, every star you see is actually a sun just like our own. Our sun just so happens to be the only star in our solar system and therefore the closest star to us.

Does every star have its own solar system?

Back in the 1990's, we began to be able to "see" planets about other stars. The nearest stars are so far away that the first evidence that a planet (or planets) orbited them were small observable "shifts" or a "wobble" in the movement of the star (called perturbations). We have now actually been able to see a planet silhouetted against a star! Well over 200 exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) have been catalogued so far, and more are on the way.

But does every star have its own solar system? Probably not all of them. But planetary evolutionists believe that because of the way a "solar system" collects mass and "forms itself" to give itself shape under the hand of gravity, there are going to be many stars that do have their own solar systems (planetary bodies) orbiting about them. We'll still have to wait a bit for more data to get some idea of "what the odds are" for a given star having planets about it, but we're working on it! We live in exciting times, do we not?!