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None of my references say anything about a plating on these, but it replaced the model 60 which had a chrome plated bolt, bolt handle, and trigger.

the surface finish can be increased by perfect machining in the moulding die( i.e, by plating , lapping which gives more surface finish and reduces the friction of material flow).

it is a plating of immersion

This will depend on the material you are interested in plating with. As the price of gold goes up, even plating with gold will become more and more expensive. Plating with silver will be less pricey than plating with gold.

the best chrome plating is called "hard plating". It is a very heavy layer of chrome. The other type is "decorative" chrome plating which invlves putting a layer of nickel then chrome plating over that.

alkaline zinc plating is less expensive to prepare and maintain , and it do not cause pollution as cyanide zinc plating.

Gatero's plating offers a nice chrome plating kit for an affordable price, and you can buy them online at They also have other plating kits.

Plating can be used for resist the rust & corrosion.

the plating of a metal. oh so simple. yo!

Yes, silver is largely used for plating.

Gold plating depends on the spot price of gold. Gold plating is extremely thin, but gold is expensive too.

While chrome plating on teeth is not accepted by dentists, at least not yet, gold and silver teeth plating is common.

There are various plating services around the world, from what i have seen and found, the top places are: Ashley Jewlers, and, Artisan Plating,, and lastly Gold Plating Services,

Many car and body shops might be able to do chrome plating. There are also specialize shops that specialize in chrome plating.

copper plating is given for good finishing of metal, for luster .

V&M Plating out of Las Angeles does hard chrome plating for more industrial applications. Pauls chrome plating inc. does chrome for motorcycle and auto parts they are in Evans City PA

Nickel plating tarnished and developed green corrosion, but that problem was eradicated in the late 1920s with the development of commercially practical chromium plating.

You can find chrome plating in Illinois at Another good site is -

If you need chrome plating for auto parts, you can check Cen-Tex Plating Co. Inc. their number is 512-444-4721

Fink and Eldridge are credited for the first chrome plating in 1924.

It's skin (plating) is usually duralumin. Strong, but not as strong as steel.

plating or electroplating or galvanization or amalgamation (mercury plating).

Plating is a surface covering in which a metal is deposited on a conductive surface. Plating has been done for hundreds of years, but it is also critical for modern technology.

Barrel plating usually used for singulated units. Current supplied to the units by means of "fingers"/tangler in the barrel. Rack plating usually used for matrix work piece. Workpiece need to be placed in the rack for plating. Both platings hv similar plating concept, but pysically the plating done differently.

Plastic chrome plating is used a lot of time for car parts, like grills and the nameplates on the side. Basically, plastic chrome plating is used for taking plastic things and chrome plating them, like a trophy or the front of a car.

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