Does filing bankruptcy affect spouse immigrant status?

Pl somebody answer!By filing bankruptcy immigrant petitions for family members are not affected. If the owner files for bankruptcy immigration petitions by employers may be affected. Your petition for immigrant visa for your spouse and minor children will not be affected in your case. Whether you can support your family when they arrive in the United States and whether they will not be a public charge is the requirement that you need to satisfy.To determine if you can support them the USCIS has a form. This form is the Affidavit of Support Form I-864. The USCIS only ask if you have a job or property that you can show to prove you can support your family in that form. The USCIS also request a copy of your income tax return for three years, your employment verification and your pay stubs.

Evidence of ownership of cash in banks, investment in stocks and bonds or ownership in real estate required to prove ability to support. You have to submit bank statements, brokerage statement of ownership in stocks and bonds, and grant deed or other proof of ownership in real estate to prove ownership in assets . There is nowhere in the form that the government is asking if you ever filed bankruptcy.