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Not ALWAYS..It may help your self confidence.So it's good..Keep on flirtling, someone you click with would come along. But be careful-Flirt with those you are possible interested in. You don't want give false hope to someone you may not like. It helps to let them know you like them, but it wont neccessarily mean they will respond. Just be yourself, and smile and be honest, and girls will like you.

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Q: Does flirting with girls always help with getting a girlfriend?
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Why do boys always mess with girls?

because that boy is flirting with you

How can you find out if your boyfriend is trustworthy if you both love each other but he is always flirting with other girls?

If you really do love each other that much then he is just talking to the other girls for fun. If you take away the fact about the flirting part, you trust him right? If you trust him and he trusts you, then even with his flirting his heart has always belonged to you. I understand that you're jealous and probably frustrated and confused but you can always ask him why he is flirting.

If a boy you like has a girlfriend and likes to flirt with other girls and your one of those girls could there be a chance of him liking you?

probally, but if you notice this, you should tell his girlfriend. him flirting COULD be a sign of not being interested.

How do you know if he likes me if he is flirting with other girls?

If he is flirting with other girls it means he is a player girlfriend! It does not mean he isn't interested in you but it does mean he is interested in others as well. Don't fixate on just him... if he is keeping his options open, you should too!

Is it ok to Flirt with other Girls While your in a Relationship?

Only if you want your girlfriend to think you're cheating on her and get mad. It depends on your relationship, and the attitude of the girl you're going out with. flirting with other girls is viewed as cheating or the beginning of cheating, whereas others see it as a bit of harmless fun. Flirting with other girls can indicate a lack of respect for your girlfriend. You do need to ask your girlfriend what she thinks. She might be okay with it, she may ask you to stop. If she asks you to stop flirting with other girls and you can't or won't stop, then maybe you aren't mature enough to be in a relationship yet.

How do you talk to a girl without flirting?

Don't compliment them every 2 seconds. Or if you have a girlfriend, don't say things to other girls that you say to make your girlfriend feel special and beautiful. Just don't flirt. You know what flirting is. Don't show too much interest in other girls if you have a girlfriend. You can have casual conversations, laugh, and smile. None of that is flirting. Don't text them 24/7 and don't only talk to them for long extend periods.

How do you stop your cousin from flirting with other girls when he have a 2 gfs and 1 of them is getting heart broken already?

Sit him down and talk to him, if he doesn't listen, his girlfriend will eventually realize he's being a jerk and leave him.

Why does a girlfriend always laugh when you are together?

because girls are sensitive

How do you get a girlfriend Can u make 50 ways to get a girlfriend?

Well getting s girlfriend will involve several things. You will need to go out and start making friends, start talking to girls and texting with them. Always be respectful of each girl you meet.

How do you you get girls to like you?

By flirting with with them

Does Jordan jansen like girls?

yes he does like girls he is not looking for a girlfriend but yes, he likes getting all the attention from girls :)

Can girls control their flirting?


How come girls didnt really talk to you but now that you have a girlfriend a lot of girls come up to you and try flirting with you?

if they never talk to u that means they like u if they only try flirting with u when ur dating then they no that if they tell u they love u they no they don't have a chance of going out with u

Your girlfriend flirts with guys without knowing she is how do you deal with this?

I have personal experience with a situation like this, I was in a relationship where my Girlfriend came up to me and said she didn't like the was I was supposedly flirting with other girls, but I didn't see it that way. I saw it as just complimenting the girls, not flirting; and perhaps your Girlfriend thinks of it as that way as well. Best Advice would be not to come off as accusing if you decide to ask about it, but just ask in a curiosity and make sure she won't get mad if you do.

Is it wrong to flirt with a boy who has a girlfriend?

A little flirting is okay just don't do anything more remember to respect their relationship and put yourself in that girls place

What do you call Girls who are always flirting with your husband?

you would probably call the stuid jerks acspessially if they knew he was married. that's my thought

Boys flirting with other girls?

always its how they live they cant help it its a mans job but still doesnt mean he dont love you

Why is it that girls always flirt with you first then ignores you please tell me i need to know?

They want you to do the flirting now. They did their part, now its your turn.

How do girls show they like a guy?

By flirting! Flirting is talking sweetly, twisting hair, giggling! All that look up flirting!

My girlfriend thinks i sometimes flirt with other girls that i dont think im flirting with shes not mad but she isnt happy I really like my girlfriend alot and i dont want to be mean to the my friends?

well you see, if your girlfriend feels this way and you really like her just lay off the other girls, if you dont really like her, let her go so she has a chance for a new relationship. its your choice.... I dont agree, im in the same situation as you except my girlfriend actually believes im gonna leave her for these other girls when they are just my friends because i find girls better to be friends with. So, you dont really want to loose either, you can introduce your girlfriend to your friends and she mome friends and trust them, or you can talk to her, exlain to her your not flirting and reassure her. unfortunatly some girls this will not workout and you will have to make the descion between your girlfriend, or your friends :/

How do you attract girls by talks?

because your flirting

Should I be jealous if my boyfriend plays on sport teams with girls?

I don't think so. Unless he has never played sports before, and is flirting with the girls. But if he has always had interest in sports then you shouldn't be!

Can girls get a boyfriend easier then boys getting a girlfriend cause to me it seems unfair for girls to wrongfully think their invincible?

No cause it's you

Is lucas cruikshank looking for a girlfriend?

No he is not .. He doesn't really want a girlfriend girls always talk about them selves they never talk about what he wants to talk about.

What signs do guys pick up on girls to try to figure out if she likes him?

try flirting with other girls in a real flirting way and see if she gets jealous or not