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No, although flossing is still a good idea. Over the last century there have been some scientific papers casually linking poor dental hygiene to Heart disease; these have since been refuted and are not considered part of the standard of practice for medical personnel.

Heart disease is thought to be caused by several factors - insufficient muscle tone of the heart (generally due to lack of exercise), improper diet and increase pro-inflammatory states in the body. Flossing has very little to do with any of this.

However, flossing on a regular basis can help keep your teeth healthy and reduce the risk of periodontal disease, tooth loss and gum disease.

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Q: Does flossing prevent heart disease
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No physical Education will (hopefully) prevent heart disease.

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yes it does

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OBViously, u cannot CURE heart disease, by chewing gum, though, you could prevent heart disease. THis is because, one of the causes for heart disease is bad breath, surprisingly, so, If you chew gum (especially mint) it could help prevent heart disease, but not CURE.

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Exercise can help prevent heart disease because it works the heart muscle and keeps the body healthy. This has to be incorporated with healthy eating as well.

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To prevent periodontal disease, you must keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing. Using mouthwash can help reduce plaque and remove food particles that may have been missed.

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Heart disease is the Number 1 killer in the United States. There are many preventative measures that can be taken to help prevent Heart Disease. A wonderful and more promising preventative measure is a good heart Healthy Diet!

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