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Does focalin xr give you headaches?

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Yes, one of the possible side effects of Focalin XR is headaches. I've taken it for over four years now and have somewhat concluded (for me atleast) that stress plays a major role in causing a headache-not a normal headache though, a bit stronger, not too fun at all--this is especially so when you have your concentration broken when trying to complete something (ex:trying to complete a project at work and a fellow co-worker begins to bug you in some way)-small things like that have caused major headaches lasting for hours.
Make sure you get proper sleep as well-a lack of sleep causes them from too much stress on the brain. Hope this helped somewhat,

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How long does Focalin XR stay in the body?

how long does focalin xr 10mg stay in your system.

Can seroquel xr and zolpidem be combine?

what happens if you combineFocalin xr with seroquel xr

When taking Focalin XR will you fail your drug test for THC?

Focalin XR will not fail you on a drug test for THC as this is the active ingredient in Marijuana, however, Focalin XR can make you test positive for other drugs such as opium, and certain pills.

Can you take focalin with robitussin cough syrup?

can you take focalin xr with robitussin cough syrup

Does focalin xr show up in drug tests?

yes focalin xr shows up on a drug test so make sure you have a doctor slip for it.

What does Focalin XR look like?

blue shiny capsule

How long does Focalin XR stay in your system?

Because Focalin XR is time released, it should only stay in your system for about 3 days at a time. Of course, this will vary depending on the MG you take.

How long does focalin xr last?

Depends on dosage. My 20mg xr lasts anywhere from 8-12hrs. Also depends on your diet. The more acidic your diet is, the more reduced period for focalin.

What is the drug focalin xr 10 mg used for?

adhd or add

Does focalin XR show up on a drug test?

Si! As a Amphetamine

What is the street value of a 30mg focalin xr?

$2-9 a pill

How long does 10mg of Focalin last not XR?

Anywhere from 3-6 hours

What happens mixing methadone and focalin xr?

I have a son who is doing this without rx

Are there any medications that are effective Adhd Treatment ?

Yes, some of them are Aderall, Adderall XR , Concerta, Dexedrine, Focalin and Focalin XR , Metadate CD and Metadate ER , Methylin , Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Vyvanse and Desoxyn

Can you smoke cigarettes while on Focalin XR?

While they do not interact, taking Focalin (methylphenadate) and nicotine together can raise your blood pressure, which is not good for your heart.

Can Focalin XR cause you to fail a drug test?

If the drug test is for Focalin XR, then yes. The real question is, are you taking it because it was prescribed to you or not? If not, you should be aware that, in the US, Focalin XR is a Class II controlled substance and that use without a valid prescription is illegal. Period. If you have a prescription and you test positive within the prescribed limits, you are fine. If you don't, or you test outside of the limits, you are chopped liver, so to speak.

Does focalin xr show up in drug test as what?

No, methylphenidate is not tested for on standard drug tests

If you took Focalin XR once will it show on urine drug test 56 hours later?

Focalin XR is used in the treatment of ADHD. This stimulant has major side effects including addictive properties. The dosage is meant to remain in the system for 24 hours.

Does Focalin xr 10 mg work I have ADHD and was prescribed focalin xr 10mg took it today 1st time and its been hours and I only have a slight headache and I'm slightly apathetic whats happening?

I once was forced to take focalin because people thought I had ADHD, (in actuality, I had asperger's syndrome,) and you probably won't get much effect from it, mostly the side effects. It's made for ADHD, so it makes you tired, and occasionally dizzy and some confuse this for "vertigo". You should nopt resort to a higher dosage if it does not work, because the fatigue and dizziness will worsen, and you will become miserable. Focalin xr is made to swat the H from ADHD, that's all.___________________________________________-I was also on focalin xr 10 mg before but after just 2 weeks i immediatly stopped. Focalin has a side affect of a serious "down" after it wares off. I went through a sudden and radical depression and pretty much was mean about and to everyone and everything. Im now on adderall xr, much better. I highly recommend switching.

What is the street value off 20 mg focalin xr?

$2.00 a pill around here, depending on the supply and demand

What kind of drug can be used on ADHD?

A class of drugs called psychostimulants or stimulants have been used to effectively treat ADHD for several decades. A list of stimulant drugs to treat ADHD includes:Adderall and Adderall XRConcertaDexedrineFocalin and Focalin XRMetadate CD and Metadate ERMethylin and Methylin ERRitalin, Ritalin SR, Ritalin LAVyvanseDaytranaQuillivant XR

What does focalin xr show up as on a drug test?

Since Focalin XR is an amphetamine it will show up as, well, an amphetamine. If you have a prescription make sure to tell whoever is doing your drug test before the test. If they find something funny in the results it will look like you are hiding something, but if you tell them then there will be no problems. If you are wondering how long it will show up in you results, that is a much more complicated question that depends on how long you have been taking it, what dosage, etc.I'm an engineer not a doctor, but I do take Focalin XR and I get drug tested annually for my job.

How long should you stop taking Focalin XR so you don't fail a urine drug test?

Focalin XR is used as a part of treatment program to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This stays in the system for three months. So as not to fail a urine drug test, one must stop taking the drug for at least 3 months.

When Taking Adderall XR 30mg a day is it common to have headaches and do the headaches stop?

Drink alot of water. It tends to make you dehydrate. And headaches are the first sign of dehydration. Drink alot of water and the headaches will go away.

Can a person take Adderall XR in the morning and 20mg of Focalin in the afternoon?

Well, it depends on the dosage, this is something you would ask the prescribing physician.But: Yes, you can. But, I would not.